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Way Of The Master Profiles - Mark the Dean


Mark Spence is the Dean of the Way of the Master School of Biblical Evangelism which is a distinctly unique course in that it's entire focus is driven by personal evangelism. I have completed the course and found it to be jam-packed with beneficial training for one on one witnessing, open air preaching, being salt and light, witnessing to cults and false religions, powerful apologetics, and a proper theological understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That last point concerning the Gospel is so critical in a culture of modern evangelicalism plagued by "decisional regeneration" and false conversion. Mark wrote the text book for the school and I have continued to use it long after graduating. It is a valuable resource whenever I find myself confronted with witnessing and evangelism challenges.

Mark likes to describe himself as the father of five (yes he has five kids) and the husband of one. He is a man who is most readily found discipling his family and it is this that he sees as his primary occupation and calling in life.

I first met Mark when Way of the Master were in Amsterdam filming their fourth season. I was very wary of Mark to begin with as I have a general policy of keeping well clear of anyone wearing a straight jacket. It turns out that Mark was being used as an illustration and crowd puller by Ray Comfort while he open air preached although I am almost sure it was used as a form of punishment for Mark's bizarre sense of humor. Sterner measures are obviously required because he always managed to escape the straight jacket before Ray had finished preaching. One of the things about that sense of humor is that it is almost impossible to tell when Mark is being serious and when you are the impending victim of his latest prank.

I also found out that escaping straight jackets was just the entree. Mark was also able to unleash a dazzling array of light shows and card tricks. While not necessary, special talents like these can be used powerfully to draw crowds, capture attention, and swing the subject from natural things to the spiritual realm.

When not wearing a straight jacket, Mark can also be found standing on the soapbox and preaching open air. This is when the hearer is left in no doubt as to the seriousness of the message and the sheer weight of eternity on the line. One of my favorite memories of my time in the USA was on Hollywood Boulevard when Mark used open air preaching as a forum to voice his oppostion to homosexual marriage. Soon after he'd poked his stick in the hornet's nest of gay activism they all came swarming around his soapbox. Mark managed to hold their attention as he intelligently debated with them drawing an even bigger crowd and paving the way for Tony Miano to step up and preach a thundering Gospel proclamation. Mark is a brilliant apologist and loves the use of presuppositional apologetics to dismember any non-Christian worldview as a springboard to preaching the Gospel. Let's just say that I like having him on my side. . .

Recent years have seen the rise of the "angry atheist". These are atheists who love to reinforce their own personal delusion by trying to launch an intellectual assault on biblical Christianity. The Christian has nothing to fear as all of these arguments are empty, lacking in logic, unable to penetrate Scripture's authority, and can be easily responded to. This reveals nothing more than what the Bible teaches in the first two chapters of Romans - that the real issue always boils down to one of morality rather than intellect. The atheist, like any unregenerate man, knows there is a God but loves his sin and will do almost anything to suppress that truth in unrighteousness. Mark recently spoke at an atheist lunch where he had the chance to respond to these many hollow objections that atheists like to throw at the God of the Bible. Dinner With 40 Atheists is a great DVD and well worth the view. It reveals Mark Spence in his element demonstrating his familiarity with Scripture and his skill as a Christian apologist. The guy has got to be at least half as smart as Ravi Zacharias!

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