Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Bottom Line's New Layout

You've probably noticed the new layout here in the last week. Did I suddenly develop nerd superpowers enabling me to make it look better? No not really - I just found a friend who does have those superpowers. It confirms what I always suspected about myself - that I work best in a "supervisory capacity".

I hope you like the new look. If you scroll down far enough on the right you will find "labels" or tags. I only just discovered what these do (tragic, I know) but they should be of help should you wish to read up on a subject covered in this blog such as sacred cows like Rob Bell.

And how about the pictures in the title block! No, it is not an Elvis sighting - it is a picture of me wearing shorts in Denmark which is just like an Elvis sighting anyway. The objects being held in the pictures are Gospel tracts which are an indispenasable part of my day to day life. I hope the same goes for you!

Coming tomorrow - I had the great priveledge of spending time with Kirk Cameron during my recent visit to the US. You'll get the inside word on that tomorrow . . .

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