Saturday, February 14, 2009

Way Of The Master Profiles - Hip Hop


Hip Hop is the editing maestro at Wretched Radio (formerly Way of the Master Radio). All the good meat as well as a lot of funny stuff comes from Hip Hop's labor in sifting through the web and editing the gems he finds for each 50 minute program. I must say that due to much of Hip Hop's work on Wretched Radio, it has served on many occasions as my personal launching pad for finding golden nuggets of godly wisdom and/or narrowing the search.

I met Hip Hop last October when visiting Atlanta for the Deeper conference. With a name like Hip Hop my imagination conjured images of Snoop Diddy P Puffy Doggy with droopy drawers. What I found instead was a guy whose pants don't hang around his knees, and always has Purell on tap should any unclean redneck (I couldn't possibly be talking about myself . . . or could I?) enter the studio. Yes, that's right, Hip Hop has succumbed to Todd Friel's germophobia and now dwells inside a germ free bubble . . . at least that is what he thinks.

When I visited the studio last October I made a very serious breach of hygeine protocol with Hip Hop. Yes that's right, I drank from his can of drink (and the bottom dregs at that). Hip Hop wasted no time in pronouncing my crimes against the microscopic world of germs by informing Todd Friel of my misdemeanors. I told Hip Hop how sorry I was (not at all!) for drinking from his can. Please don't blame Hip Hop for his germophobia. It could only be the corrupt influences of Todd Friel that brought this about. The truth of the matter is that my breach was deliberate and I was merely testing the Wretched Radio office speed of response to any hygeine threat.

Hip Hop is actually a big part of what makes Wretched Radio and Wretched TV so hard hitting and powerful. He is the guy that makes Todd look good with his punchy and nicely edited audio and video clips. And not only that, Hip Hop adds a distinct dimension of humor to the Wretched Radio team as he satirically looks back on his church background.

Hip Hop is a guy who is passionate for the Gospel. As such he counts himself priveledged to be able to labor daily in his passion and even get paid to do so!

Hip Hop Trivia
Hip Hop and Mrs Hip Hop are the last known surviving case of people using cloth daipers on a baby . . . I guess we all have a claim to fifteen minutes of fame!
Hip Hop does the best ever impersonation of Creflo Dollar . . . better than Creflo himself without the Rolls Royce!

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Cameron Buettel said...

He does an outstanding Creflo Dollar impersonation.