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Way Of The Master Profiles - Kirk


One of the real highlights of my last visit to the US was Kirk Cameron coming good on a personal promise to buy me an In'N'Out burger. For those of you unsophisticated, uncultured, unrefined, and uneducated people out there In'N'Out is simply the best burger joint ever and yet tragically will never expand beyond the California border (I think it was a Governator campaign promise). One of the few regrets of my two week visit to California was that I only managed to eat there twelve times. Just doing my bit to avert America's slide into recession!

Anyway, nothing says "Man Date" like red meat and this meat tasted so good it could have been sacred cow. Speaking of sacred cows, Hollywood is loaded with them. A-list celebrities that are untouchable and never get their "hands dirty". Kirk Cameron is another breed altogether. Sure he's seen the view from the "top", but he is a man who understands that Christians are people who start at the top and work their way to the bottom. Kirk is someone who understands what Jesus meant when He said "If any man desire to be first, the same shall be last of all, and servant of all" (Mark 9:35). Kirk and his wife Chelsea are the real deal, people who live to serve and honour God with all they have been blessed with.

In a society full of tabloids obsessing about brangelina, botox, and busted marriages, Kirk and Chelsea are a true Hollywood abnormality. I mean how can Kirk possibly speak with authority on marriage (ie on O'Reilly) when he's only ever done it once and that was 17 years ago. Parenting is seen as their highest calling and they do this with evangelistic fervor as they hotly pursue the goal of raising true disciples from their tribe of six children. Kirk also manages the acting career of his tractor (true story) and even managed to get it a nonspeaking role in the third season of Way of the Master where Kirk gets to sit on it (does that qualify for a supporting role?) and take it for a drive. Like I said - Hollywood abnormalities.

It was great to do the "man food" thing with Kirk at In'N'Out, chew some red meat, and share evangelism war stories. Here's one Kirk lived to tell and a great example of his willingness to get his hands dirty . . .

But wait there's more! There is another chapter to this witnessing encounter that recently unfolded on Hollywood Boulevard during the October Ambassador's Academy. While out doing witnessing and open air preaching, Ray Comfort noticed another open air preacher who looked strangely familiar. It was none other than the big guy from the video who said "Jesus never said that" - remember him! Well it turns out that God radically saved him. In an era of "decisions" driven madness, faithfulness to the message has always been the barometer by which we should measure success. But it is a real encouragement to see real fruit from the labor of evangelism. This will hopefully send a strong message to those who are being seduced by church growth methodology to embrace biblical theology instead. It is the Gospel that is the power of God unto salvation (Romans 1:16) and I rejoice to have co-laborers like Kirk who have the guts to take their Christianity to the battlefront where damned sinners stand on the edge of eterntiy.

Kirk is an actor by profession and his livelihood has a lot of dependance on public acceptance and popularity. To his credit he has refused to compromise on many issues that other "high profile christians" tend to be either silent or inactive about. By partnering with Ray Comfort, Kirk really stepped up to the plate of overtly contending for the Christian worldview, putting himself in the line of fire of every celebrity God hater. He has also confined himself to quality family projects with Christian themes (click here to find out more about his latest movie "Fireproof") and refuses to do on screen kisses with anyone but his real wife. I once heard a preacher describe a real man as someone who submits to God's Word and is being conformed day by day to the image of Christ by loving his wife and leading his family. In an "Evangelical landscape" loaded with high profile sissy boys forever apologising for the hard truths of Scripture, Kirk Cameron stands out as a "real man".

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