Friday, February 20, 2009

Foxes Book of Emergents With Hurt Feelings - Rob Bell (Part 8)


One of the most disgusting and cruel caricatures of open air preaching was a video called "Bullhorn Guy" by Rob Bell where he attempts to invalidate open air preachers and more specifically the Gospel itself. Some real Bullhorn guys responded with a devastating satire of Rob Bell's video (Bullwhip Guy) which clearly exposes the entire disconnect between Bell's teaching and Christianity. These videos were shown and discussed in part 5 of my series on Rob Bell.

Well, it seems that Rob Bell has become a big sacred cow among his legions of followers who are willing to defend him at great lengths. It would be great if they had half that much regard for Scripture and the Gospel contained therein. Criticising anything Rob Bell says or teaches is akin to poking a hornet's nest with a big stick. My critique of Bell's Nooma called "Dust" also caused a huge furore when I posted it on youtube generating over 6000 comments. The criticism that has been levelled at both Bullwhip and my Dust Expose has been almost identical and repetitive. I have never encountered so many judgmental people as these "defenders of Rob Bell" (I'm sure I don't speak for everybody influenced by Bell) who have cried foul and hurled an enormous number of personal insults. Of the hundreds of "angry emergents" I have attempted to "dialogue" with only three have showed a willingness to reason from Scripture and attempt to biblically critique my biblical critique.

Since most of the objections raised against both videos are so similar in nature I thought I would present the video response from Joaquin who was one of the people behind the "Bullwhip Guy" video. It is a response to his critics that is both sharp biblically and warm in tone. It covers most of the objections that have been raised and . . . well . . . you'd have a hard time arguing with Joaquin - he nails this one!

Coming tomorrow - Way of the Master Profiles continues with the Lawman.

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Anonymous said...

Your thoughts were inspirational and encouraging for me this morning. I found this blog only today, and I am preparing for a short talk in Sunday School this morning, essentially to "defend" my comments from a month ago, that we are called to expose false teachings and teachers, and right in the class, I received opposition and was told I could not judge. My "lesson" this morning will refute that contention, based on God's Word. God bless you in your open air ministry and keep you safe, brother.

Sylvia said...

I loved the title of this post. Perfect!

Apeleutheros said...

This post was wonderful and the video was done gracefully.
God bless

Ron Dawson said...

I think the point people who dislike "Bullhorn" is missing is the method of yelling fire and brimstone theology via a bullhorn to people pre-disposed to not believe it. I don't know if Rob Bell is against ALL open air preaching, but this video is about a STYLE of open air preaching. I do believe it can be effective. But by trying to scare people into loving God by yelling at them via a bullhorn is not "loving." That was the message of the video. The type of preacher illustrated here is one is who more interested in proving he is right, rather than sincerely saving the souls of those around him.