Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sacred Cow Saturday - Episode 11 - Rob Bell

I'm going to be continuing in exposing a lot of the emergent deception over the coming days. I thought I would post the video that started all the furore. It is my biblical critique of Rob Bell's man centred theology as explained in his Nooma video Dust. I've had a lot of critical comments about it. See what you think!

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Mark Sohmer said...

I think you're right on Cameron. Keep standing for the truth, brother!

Karl Borman said...


You are right in exposing this error.

I find it hard to believe that Bible reading Christians are being dupped by this blatant mangling of scripture.

Rob Bell and others in the emergent movement are most destructive to the immature in Christ.

Keep up the good work. We know that suffering insults for the sake of Christ is to be expected.

Found your blog through Tony's Lawman Chronicles. Glad I did.

God Bless your efforts for Him.

Rich said...

Nice was very clear and more importantly, Biblically sound. Rob Bell came to my hometown (Houston) a few years ago and packed out a popular nightclub/bar located in a homosexual district. So many people follow his teachings so I'm glad you're exposing the subtle false doctrines that can creep up on you. I know you stated that many people are against what you're doing but remember that a a false teaching is still false no matter how many people believe it to be true. I'm looking forward to Thursday's blog.

Liz said...

Hi! I am in the Washington DC area, and came across Rob Bell's teachings last year. At first, I was really in awe of Bell's ability to touch on walking as a follower. And yet, in the last year have come to learn a lot more about Bell and his emergent church views. I remember watching Dust last year and thinking it was odd to say that Peter had faith in himself, but brushed it off. I don't think I believed that was really what Bell meant. But in listening to your critique, I'm realizing, "duh, of course that's what Bell meant". I appreciate your teachings and look forward to reading more! God does not need us, nor does he care how much faith we have in ourselves. We are HIS creation!