Monday, October 20, 2008

Todd Friel - Germophobia With Good Theology

Todd Friel is a breath of fresh air in an overly sanitized "Christian media". He embraces the tough issues rather than avoiding them and in doing so can offend some people. Herein lies his charm, in my opinion, because he is not driven by pleasing his audience. Importantly Todd is never afraid to admit when he is wrrr . . . wrrro . . . wrrro . . . incorrect and always allows healthy debate in a show which covers hermeneutics to heretics and everything in between. There is even live on-air witnessing encounters between Todd or Ray Comfort and some unsuspecting, unregenerate sinner who needs the forgiveness found only in Christ. And let's face it, how many germophobic stand up comedians do you know who practice sound orthodox biblical doctrine all the while remaining within arms length of the nearest Purell dispenser. Todd is certainly one of a kind.

Living outside of the USA in Denmark I rely heavily on Todd's show "Way of the Master Radio" for good spiritual food. I have been addicted to it for almost 3 years now and our friendship has never extended beyond the cyberspace I use for downloading the podcasts. But this last week I had the great joy of going into the studio in person and meeting Todd. He recognised me and stooped down to give me a welcoming hug (Todd is at least 10 feet tall).

It was such a joy to fellowship with a like minded brother and Todd was warm and engaging all the way through. But it was when we went out witnessing in the Atlanta subway that Todd demonstrated his authentic Christianity. There were no tv cameras or radio microphones around as Todd graciously and lovingly shared the good news of Jesus Christ with people in places that I was scared to be. Todd drove me home and spoke some encouraging words as I partook of a sacred initiation rite - sanitizing my hands with Todd's bottle of Purell.

Todd Friel may be afraid of germs but he's not afraid to expose a heretic . . .


Wretched Sinner said...

Heard you on the show today brother, nice work.

Josh Williamson said...

Mate, can't believe he paid out your website. :P

Good work bro!