Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bullhorn Guys Cameron Buettel and Rob Hughes appearance on Revelation TV

Here it is . . . at least the first 52 minutes of it. I'll try and get the whole interview up later.


Saved said...

I really enjoyed both yours and Rob's presentations of the gospel and would like to get the other three points that you use when laying out your gospel message.
Thanks, Mike

The Bottom Line with Cameron Buettel said...

Saved, The video is currently missing the last 30 minutes where I discuss those last three points. We hope to fix this ASAP. I consider the five core elements of presenting the Gospel to be
1. The Holiness of God
2. The exceedingly wicked sinfulness of man (using the Law of God as a mirror to reveal that)
3. The Judgment of God and the reality of Heaven and Hell (showing that Hell is reasonable punishment for sinners)
4. Christ's atoning work on the cross and His resurrection (penal substitutionary atonement ie Christ enduring the wrath of God in the place of sinful men).
5. Man's response - that God calls on all men to repent of sin and trust in Christ.

You'll see all of these points covered in Saturdays post.

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Jim said...

Hi Cameron,

I know Rob (I evangelise with his OP513 colleague Dave Gee) and I was pleased to see him looking so smart...

Great stuff by you two getting the message out to the increasingly reluctant 'evangelical' world that we need to use words (shock!) to preach Christ crucified. God Bless. PS I'll leave a comment about the emerging church elsewhere on your blog - something I've had to battle with