Thursday, October 30, 2008

Paul Washer is a Weapon - Shock and Awe

Paul Washer preached a stunning sermon at the Deeper Conference recently. It was such a joy to sit in person and hear his preaching live after downloading countless sermons from him. Brother Paul is the kind of preacher that's needed in western churches today. Someone who so desires to honor God and so loves people that he is willing to preach with the desperation of a man on death row every time he graces the pulpit.

Four days after the Deeper Conference, Paul Washer was back in Atlanta for another conference and delivered this stunner - Ten Indictments Against the Modern "Church". Strap yourself in for this two hour message that Tony "Lawman" Miano believes will go down as a landmark sermon even by Washer's high standards.


Mark Sohmer said...


Do you know how I can get an mp3 of this sermon? It's hard for me to find 2 hours in front of the computer to watch, but I can listen on my commute to work if it's an mp3.

Thanks brother!

C.B. Shearer said...

Bro Mark,



Alistair said...

A direct link to the sermon: