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Way Of The Master Profiles - Duane the Producer


If you've ever wondered who makes Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron look so good on their TV series The Way of the Master with it's great production and direction quality then look no further than the man in the cap. I first met Duane Barnhart in September 2007 when Way of the Master (WOTM) were filming their fourth season in Amsterdam. This guy was the producer and director and he really knew what he was doing - at least he sounded like he did.

While filming in Amsterdam Ray Comfort (who is generous to a fault) offered to buy coffee for everyone at a coffee shop. As people placed their orders with Ray, Duane, realising he was in Amsterdam, decided to make the most of Ray's generosity and request a "joint". From that point on I knew Duane Barnhart wasn't your regular producer of reputable Christian TV. At that point I went over to Duane and told him that with a sense of humor that black he could be considered for Australian citizenship. It was then that Duane informed me that his wife is Australian and that explained everything.

As filming went on through the day it was obvious that Duane did a great job squeezing every ounce of potential from the surrounding locations and their extremely tight schedule.

As a regular listener of Way of the Master Radio I was well aware of Trish the phone fisher and her passion for good chocolate. So I brought a mother load of the finest Danish chocolate all the way to Amsterdam to bless her and the rest of the team. She gratefully accepted my gift and took it with her on the train as they all left Amsterdam. As Trish and the team slept on the train a "chocaholic lynch mob" rose in the black of night led by Duane, EZ, and Ray Comfort. It was a binge session not seen since Elvis in his "white jump suit" days. Sadly, as Trish sifted through the wreckage the next morning, no "survivors" were found. Now, one year later, I am glad to say that Duane and Trish are back on speaking terms.

Fast forward to January 2008 and my family were visiting California. One sunday I went to a large church of more than 3000 people. Little did I know that it was Duane's home church. Duane actually spotted and recognised me out of the 3000 people there and grabbed me at the door after the service. He and his family then took us all out for my favorite kind of lunch - the free kind.

Spending time with Duane that day it was obvious to see that he is an excellent husband and father dedicated to raising his family in the fear and admonition of the Lord (even though he still had issues with chocolate). I learnt that he is a man of the Word and that the Gospel is the driving force behind all his labor including his work in the media.

One thing that makes WOTM really stand out as a Christian ministry is that everyone I've met who is a part of the ministry is an active and fervent witness for Jesus Christ. Duane is no exception to this and practices evangelism behind the camera, in front of the camera, and off the camera.

I was later invited to be an extra on an upcoming shoot for WOTM season 3. It was an amazing day that I'll never forget. I really got to see a lot of the work that goes into making such a powerful TV show and the enormous skill required to produce and direct such a product. It was an amazing day and everything ran like clockwork . . . well almost . . . I did get run over by a tank in a battle scene (and I was under the false idea that Australia and the US are allies). Those scenes can be watched in the third season episode of WOTM called "Battle For the Lost" (still no sign of my royalty check). It was a surreal experience as all the cast, extras, and crew spent their time between takes either witnessing or discussing theology.

WOTM, the TV series, has won a host of awards including the National Religious Broadcasters' People’s Choice 2004, 2005, 2006, and Best Program, 2005 and 2006. The third season episode "Battle for the Lost" has already scooped the Silver Telly award.

If you are looking for quality media production and capitalising on Duane's award winning work then check out his production company

Here is a promo for the third season of WOTM TV series which reveals great Christian television with top class production values (you'll need HD to see it in it's full glory)

Continued Wednesday where EZ will be profiled!

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