Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Way Of The Master Profiles - Scotty


Scotty is the "tech-head" for Living Waters / Way of the Master and makes Ray Comfort look good when he's on the radio in their California studio. As well as dealing with all things technical, Scotty is the MacGyver of open air preaching. He is always equipped with flip charts, prizes, and a "fully loaded" soapbox. He is equipped for any logistical crisis . . . and any apologetical crisis for that matter as well.

As a regular listener of Wretched Radio (formerly Way of the Master Radio) I was quite familiar with the regular sound bites that Todd Friel would play of this Scotty guy who does open air preaching. My favorite heckler on those soundbites has always been a certain university student who thought that Scotty seemed a bit older than the average guy on campus. This provoked the question "are you thirty or something?" I'm still hoping to get that particular guy to heckle me someday and soothe my mid-life insecurities. His public profile might not register as high as Ray Comfort but I have learnt a lot about open air preaching from Scotty including the use of apologetics to draw a crowd and springboard into the Gospel.

I first met Scotty when I travelled to Amsterdam to join up with Way of the Master when they were filming the fourth season of the TV series. I had never seen him before but had heard his voice countless times. So when a camera got shoved in my face together with some rapid fire questions I recognised the voice instantly. I have since had the great priveledge of "hitting the street" with Scotty on several occasions and have loved having the chance to probe his sharp biblical brain for pearls of wisdom. He preaches regularly in his own "hood" as well as Huntington Beach on saturdays. If you live in the area and hunger to learn and grow in evangelistic zeal then track down Scotty. You'll find him easy enough - he's the guy with all the gear!

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Cameron Buettel said...

Scotty is one of Living Waters' well kept secrets.