Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Way Of The Master Profiles - Trish The Phone Fisher


If Todd Friel sounds like Peter Brady then Trisha Ramos looks like Marcia Brady! If you see this Texas Ranger marching your way you can be certain of being arrested by the Gospel with a very high probability of being interrogated live on the radio. Many of you who listen to Wretched Radio on thursdays will be familiar with Trish. She is the phone fisher that always lands the most interesting, bizarre, and diverse fish to be witnessed to on the radio. Whether it's a Buddhist monk, a Rabbi, a Freemason, or a Mormon named "Elder", Trish will get them on the show. Some of these have been a wonderful education for me to gain exposure to different worldviews and learn how to witness to these people without being intimidated. Trish films follow-up witnessing encounters with these people on her website and blog and they are always worth checking out. I love her website and it is loaded with great evangelism tips . . .

Trish is an almost indispensable cog in the Way of the Master engine. She is the logistical brain behind the massive organizational requirements of many of their various outreaches and events. She also edits Ray Comfort's books which is akin to being on the Titanic with a bucket in your hands. Ray churns out books almost as quickly as he churns out ideas and it is a great testimony to Trish's efficiency that she can cope with a tsunami like that coming at her.

Trish and her husband Emilio are two of my favorite people anywhere and I count myself so fortunate to know them. They are a big part of Sovereign Joy Community Church in the Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex. It is a small newly planted church in a sea of mega churches offering every conceivable "40 Days of Your Best Prayer of Jabez Now" program. But at Sovereign Joy you get pure undefiled exposition of God's Word by Emilio and his fellow elder Jay (cannot spell his last name). Inspite of Emilio being the world's only 29 point Calvinist (who can smell an Arminian at 1000 paces), I regularly download his sermons. He and Trish are a part of a beautiful Christian family of believers. I must confess that I do envy anyone who lives within a 500 mile radius of Fort Worth.

But the most beautiful thing of all about Trisha Ramos is her broken spirit that weeps in gratitude for her Savior. I believe it is that which drives her on relentlessly to preach the Gospel on the only two occasions it is ever necessary - in season and out of season!

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