Saturday, November 6, 2010

Just Added - Reforming Our Families

Peter and Lenora Hammond's manual on defending our families from worldly infiltration and cultivating a biblical worldview for our children has now been added to my resource directory!

Peter Hammond

Category: Parenting
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The family is the basic building block of society. The battle for the family is in the very frontline of the World War of Worldviews. This powerful new resource for families is packed with positive and practical insights and strategies that fathers and mothers can use to raise God-fearing children. Reforming Our Families is a compendium including contributions from 8 different authors from a wide variety of backgrounds. Contributors include two young home schooled teenagers, one from America and the other from Africa; and parents from both sides of the Atlantic. The primary author is Lenora Hammond (wife of Peter Hammond) who is a home schooling mother of two daughters and two sons coupled with a wealth of missionary and ministry experience.

1 comment:

Alwin said...

home scholars?
peter hammind is american?

i thought he was english.

whatever, need to get this book!