Saturday, November 20, 2010

Just Added - Concerning Christian Liberty

This classic work by Martin Luther has just been added to my resource directory.

Martin Luther

Category: Apologetics
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It is argued by many that this essay is one of Luther's most important theological treatises. It has sometimes been rendered into English as The Freedom of a Christian, or simply On Christian Liberty. The Christian life is marked by faith working through love. When a man applies himself with joy and love to his works he is satisfied in the fullness of his own faith. No Christian lives in himself, but in Christ and too his neighbor. It is not from works that we are set free by our faith in Christ, but our belief in Christ will justify us before God. One of Luther’s main aims in this piece was to condemn belief in works, and establish a right view of salvation by faith alone, in Christ alone. Christian freedom was being free from the idea that good works were a means to salvation, yet in Christian freedom one would exercise good works in light of the grace God had shown in salvation.

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Cameron Buettel said...

Be sure to read old classics as a part of your literary diet.