Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Starting To Take Action - My Life In Denmark (Part 6)

Pop Quiz - what did many Lutheran churches in Denmark do on October 31st?
A - Commemorate the Reformation
B - Celebrate Halloween
Clue - If you are a cynic then you will get the right answer!

Yes, that's right, on the 493rd anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses to the church door in Wittenberg, many Lutheran Priests in Denmark decided to celebrate halloween. After all, the Reformation was only the single most momentous event to ever happen in Europe. Unfortunately, irony is nothing new to the state sponsored Lutheran culture in Denmark. Luther never wanted a movement named after him but his conscience was captive to Holy Scripture. Today, in Denmark, we have a movement named after him that wants nothing to do with Holy Scripture. If you are a Lutheran Priest who fits this profile then do everyone a favor and stop masquerading as a spokesman for God (I refuse to even acknowledge female priests). If you are one of the conservative protestors of this madness then start actually making some noise as you protest. Being protestant does not mean hiding in a corner in a silent vigil of opposition!

Over the last few posts I have been lamenting/documenting the catastrophic collapse of biblical Christianity in Denmark. I say it not for the sake of complaining, but as a call of provocation! I have quickly learnt that courtesy and good manners have become a massive hindrance to people responding proactively. It's the old frog in the kettle syndrome! It has led to the point where many of the professing Christians here, actually comfort themselves in the knowledge that they attend a "church" that is less heretical than most of the others.

My discontent had become unbearable by early 2008. I drew up a battle plan taking much confidence from the fact that I was absolutely convinced of my inability to make the situation any worse. My starting point was that I knew the Gospel and as such, knew that it was not being preached anywhere (though I have since become aware of a few Lutherans who do proclaim the true biblical Gospel) in Denmark. Jehovah's Witnesses needed to beware that they were no longer going to be the only ones who witnessed to Danes. And we planned to testify about the real living Jehovah!

After extensive sniffing around and surveillance of Danish internet pages, I was able to gather a dozen people in my sunroom (a Danish oxymoron if ever there was one) and cast the vision for an evangelism network. Tilbage Til Bibelen was born that chilly night in April 2008. It was a plan to evangelize people via Gospel tracts and one-to-one witnessing, train willing Christians, and exert pressure on churches/ministries by challenging them to approve/repudiate an orthodox doctrine statement.

It was a start, but not a total solution. And I was about to find out that evangelism can be a very serious crime in the eyes of a Pentecostal pastor . . . serious enough to get me evicted from their conference site! More to come . . .

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McMurdo said...

'I have quickly learnt that courtesy and good manners have become a massive hindrance to people responding proactively.'

Politeness is not the fruit of the spirit!!!

I can identify very strongly with your story so far. I learned the above lesson more slowly than you. I don't like rudeness and abrasiveness, but most Christians go too far the other way.

I have had to learn to be 'up front' with people. I must have wasted years by being over-polite and avoiding confrontation to keep in with people.

Alwin said...

so we have a break.
I look forward to know the verified truth about being banned from that pent-conference.

evangelism is not banned is it?

anyway, like your postings!

Anonymous said...

Politeness isn't a fruit of the Spirit, but gentleness, patience, love, kindness and self control ARE and I would think that these virtues are what make up politeness. The words Bland or Benign or especially Complaisant might be more what you are trying to say? It seems as though your heart is in the right place, but to say that being polite isn't an expected part of the Christian lifestyle seems somehow wrong. To sit back and watch wrong being said or done because you are too scared of standing up and being noticed for saying what you believe in is also wrong. You can firmly, politely and gently correct someone, or encourage them to consider biblical truth without hurting their feelings or turning them off by steamrollering them with a lack of tact.