Friday, November 19, 2010

Frikirkenet's Opposition To The Gospel - My Life In Denmark (Part 9)

Our evangelism organization - Tilbage Til Bibelen (Back To Scripture in english) - has continuously encountered resistance to the biblical Gospel from church leaders in Denmark. This resistance was actually a kind of stealth hostility that brewed beneath the surface of Danish civility. But we were brought face to face with this antagonism towards the biblical Gospel when one of our evangelism videos got posted on Frikirkenet's danish website otherwise known as Domino. Frikirkenet is the Danish version of an "evangelical" alliance between most professing Christian denominations. This evangelism video was put on their website to proclaim the Gospel and teach others how to evangelize (for my english speaking friends there is an interactive transcript of this witnessing encounter if you double click on the video, which will take you to the youtube page, and then click on the transcript icon beneath the video).

If you look around the Domino website you will struggle to find anything about Christ crucified and the Gospel He delivered. You would think an evangelism video was just the right thing for this website - but NO! This video was removed within a day of being posted and it wasn't even stored in their archives. Yet the following bizarre and irreverent video of a man diving into a baptismal font was actually posted on the Domino website for months (you only need to watch the first few seconds):

Här dyker Jorge ner i dopgraven from Tidningen Dagen on Vimeo.

This series of my life in Denmark is going to culminate with the local church that we (some like minded believers) planted in Denmark (Kristuskirken) and why we needed to plant a church. Frikirkenet serves as an excellent illustration of why biblical churches are needed in Denmark. To join Frikirkenet you have to pay a fee and agree to their "doctrine". What is their doctrine? "Believe the message of the Bible and the old church creeds". That is about as foggy as the winter mornings in Denmark. Unity is easy when you agree on the message of the Bible without ever delving into what that message actually is. And you can forget altogether about anything that even remotely defines or explains their version of the gospel - all we know is that they don't like the real one.

Just recently, Frikirkent showed more of their true colors by inviting New Age philosopher, Steen Hildebrandt, to be the keynote speaker at their leadership conference. What's more, after exerted pressure to explain themselves, Frikirkenet finally responded to explain themselves. They didn't even deny Hildebrant's new age philosophy, they just thought they could learn from him (and throw 2 Corinthians 6 out the window at the same time). How can I sit in silence while many of my Danish friends are caught up in this farce! This is a disgraceful joke and it needs to be publicized so that those who love the truth would wake up to this con. Supporting Frikirkenet, either financially or through involvement, is actually participating in an organization that opposes the Christian Gospel. There may well be authentic believers and sound preachers within the Frikirkenet umbrella, but now is the time for those people to "man up" and start forcefully contending for the once for all delivered faith. If you are one of those people and you're not willing to contend then come out of it. Church goers of Denmark - wake up, rise up, and join or start a Christian church that actually preaches and teaches Christianity. If you love the Gospel then you will find a sanctuary at Kristuskirken where the Gospel actually does get preached - and we even define it! My conscience is clean of the idea that this is brazen self-promotion. All fear of that evaporated when I realized that the theological shortcomings within my local fellowship are incapable of plunging the depths of biblical incompetence on display with Frikirkenet.

For those readers in the english speaking world "Frikirkenet" is the Danish word for a network of church leaders united by their common ignorance of plain biblical teaching. More to come . . .

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Cameron Buettel said...

If you live in Denmark, please voice your opposition to these unbiblical practices by Frikirkenent.