Monday, February 14, 2011

Dear Graeme, UnkleE, And Everyone Else Who Is Silent About The Gospel

I am finding a common tendency among most people who are critical of my adherence to Scripture or my "narrow" view of the Gospel. The tendency is that these people, when asked, almost always refuse to explain the Gospel in their own words. Two particular people spring to mind in recent weeks.

The first is a guy called Graeme who is an old friend from my early Christian life when I lived in Ipswich, Australia. Though I would still consider Graeme as a friend, I'm not so sure he would reciprocate after the hard words I spoke to him in the comments section of one of my posts. These hard words were, however, entirely called for due to Graeme's disgraceful cheap shot at the Creation Science community with his outrageous claim that:

Lets face it, Creationists don't don't really care about Christ. But they do care about the literal meaning of creationism (yes that is a direct quote).

It becomes even more outrageous when you consider the fact that Graeme has commented numerous times on this blog without having anything to say about the Person and work of Christ. Graeme's comment is equally insulting to ministries like Answers in Genesis who produce excellent Gospel tracts and invest heavily in evangelistic outreaches. Some of these people are people who I have met personally and found to be very Christ centered. I wouldn't have a clue about where Graeme stands with Christ because he has never said anything about it. When Graeme was asked several times to articulate the Gospel and how much He esteems Christ, he had this to say . . . . deafening silence.

"UnkleE" is another Aussie, as best as I can tell, who felt the need to comment on a recent post about Rob Bell and defend Rob Bell's heretical theology. In fairness to "UnkleE", he initially responded because he misunderstood some of my commentary (which I should have been clearer on). But as the conversation progressed, it turned out that "UnkleE" had read one of Bell's books (Velvet Elvis if I recall) and found nothing problematic or heretical in a book that is very heretical and probelematic (paging universalism). Since "UnkleE" considered Bell to be sound enough that we should just leave him alone I challenged him to explain the Gospel in his own words - in the hope of understanding where "UnkleE" was at. I was genuinely concerned about "UnkleE" due to his handling of Scripture and relaxed attitude about universalism. What was UnkleE's response:

Further discussion would be unproductive.

Well Graeme and "UnkleE" and everyone else who is unwilling to discuss this with me - please watch this video and answer my question underneath!

Obviously the woman's advice is as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle . . . unless you WANT to go to hell! But what would you say to this man in this situation? I really want to know. Graeme and "UnkleE", hard as it might be to believe, right now I am being your best friend. This is where the rubber meets the road. And whether you respond or not (please do), you can be sure about this: one day you will either meet the man in this video or be the man in this video.


Anonymous said...

I saw this video some years ago, and it was so poignant.

The fact is, when we die, not if we die, but when, where do we go, heaven or hell?

There isn't a third option.

Though, looking at today's churches you would suppose there is.

It was God Himself who created hell, scripture tells us so, Matt 25v41.

Creation matters, because God is Creator.

Eternity matters, because God is the Author of eternity.

I taught my children about creation, using the word of God and different creationist material.

They are now 22, 19 and 15, and still interested in creation, are still going to church, and it has helped them to have a Biblical worldview as opposed to a 'whatever' worldview that so called 'christians' have.

God bless.

Lucy, England.

Glen Richards said...

Interesting post Cameron. I'm not as direct as you in these matters, but every time I've challenged anyone over how the gospel should be presented - I don't get a response either (actually, I'm thinking of one specific conversation).

Young earth creationists do care about Christ. I'm one of them.



glenn christopherson said...

Hi Cameron,
It seems that the church here in Australia has become the playground of heretics. Virtually every church it seems has bowed to the god of ecumenism and is rapidly going after the idol of interfaith.I think it is often done with the motive of co-belligerence to accomplish political/moral goals

but they appear to forget that Jesus said without Him we can do nothing. He is the Vine and there is no life in the dead branches of unregenerate religionists. Keep blowing the trumpet brother.

Anonymous said...

Answers in Genesis produced this appalling television commercial.

Cameron Buettel said...

newtaste, what would you say to the bedridden man in the video? How would you witness to him?

Anonymous said...

I would tell him to get down on his knees and say sorry to God and Jesus for his sins and ask and beg for God's forgiveness and mercy. And to accept Jesus as his only way to Heaven.

In short.

Cameron Buettel said...

Thank you newtaste - at least you were man enough to take this simple challenge. There was nothing faulty in what you said, but it does have gaps in information. Why is Jesus the only way and what has He done? Stop and think about your comment and imagine you are a total pagan with no biblical knowledge whatsoever. Would you grasp a comment like the one you just made.

Also, what do you do with people who are self-righteous or think they are good or think that their sin is not that serious. What do you say to those people (I realize the man in the video is conscious of his sin - just asking).

Andy said...

You're right on the mark, Cameron. As a former New Ager/Occultist, it was the Christian friends and family who challenged me on my views and who could accurately articulate the Gospel that made the big difference in my life. I've been a believer for 6 years now and have been called into evangelism and I am in shock as to how many "missionaries" and modern evangelists can't even give a coherent description of the Biblical Gospel. It's pathetic.

Case in point, we had a man come to our church who was looking for support for an overseas missionary ministry in Czechoslovakia. I asked quite bluntly how the Gospel is being preached there by his people. He admitted to me in front of everyone that many of his people aren't as knowledgeable with the Gospel as he would like. I'm not making that up.

Keep up the good fight and God Bless, my brother!