Friday, February 25, 2011

You Need My Book - Rick Warren's Sermon At Desiring God (Part 13)

The following commentary corresponds to the following video from 43:50 to 45:46

WARNING: Watching the following segment of video may induce vomiting!

This is just getting more and more painful. Just when I thought that Rick Warren could not possibly trump his delusions of grandeur reached thus far, he proves me wrong yet again. In a sermon loaded with moralism, pragmatism, bad hermeneutics, and quotes from bogus "bible translations"; Warren now informs his audience (with all the profound humility he can muster) that they all need to get a book on Bible study methods. For the duration of this sermon, Warren has repeatedly proved that he is the last person at the Desiring God conference who should recommend any Bible study methods. But wait - there's more! The book about Bible study methods that Rick Warren recommends is written by guess who? If you're thinking it must be the humblest guy in the universe then you thought correctly. After 40 minutes of hermeneutical hack job from Pastor Warren, he then has the gall to tell his esteemed audience that they all NEED to get "Warren's Bible Study Methods". If this is not the conduct of a complete jerk then can someone please tell me what else could possibly qualify? The fact that Rick Warren can show up (if via pre-recorded video qualifies) and deliver this garbage without being taken to task just makes me angry and grieved. Is it really that difficult to see through the Rick Warren barrage of self aggrandizing advice?

Warren goes on to scold his audience for not training people to be "self feeders". Aside from the self refuting aspect of this statement, it is a borrowed terminology from Bill Hybels and the world of Willow Creek where they seem to be under the impression that their major failure has been in not teaching their members to be "self feeders". Let's apply this self feeder idea to all of Jesus parables concerning a shepherd and his sheep, or how about the Lord's own words in John 15:5 where he says "apart from Me you can do nothing". And this drives right to the heart of the seeker sensitive/church growth train wreck where the indwelling transformation of the Holy Spirit has been substituted with man made programs and more programs. And when the programs fail they arrive at the conclusion that they should have been doing "other programs". This is what happens when the audience becomes sovereign in these matters. Yes, at times we are called to study Scripture in private, to commune with God, and meditate upon His precepts in the sanctuary of our private prayer closet. But this is not self feeding, it is the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit. And until Rick Warren gets that, he just won't get it at all.

Warren closes this section with the discovery of a new attribute - the "skills" of God! Maybe . . . if you want to call omnipotence a "skill"!!!

More to come . . .

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David Ford said...

Why do people sit under this ministry? Woops, I guess my ear must be itchy. The undercurrent in all this is "Me getting control of My life"...Just as well Rick has a new book for me to read..."Oh I really want to be like him"...In the end People will read and listen to whatever they will to improve their life in their own power so they can have their health wealth and happiness rather than in remorse for their sin, listen to the Word and be washed clean and made perfect. I'll be frank and say that the elect always find and obey the truth, and many for whom I fear greatly, fall under the tutelage of fake shepherds who are in love with their own image and greatness because they desire the same thing.

Heath The Blogless said...

I laughed and laughed when I first herd the first few seconds of this bit.

Rick "I hate when conference speakers get up and promote there books, but there is a book you nead to get... I wrote it"

Obvoisly Rick Warren must really hate himself, no if he would only act that way.

Anonymous said...

I like the warning. It really will induce vomiting.

Randy said...

"Interpretaion without application is abortion." What does that mean? I could feel my gag reflex kicking in at that point.

Oh, and he has heard SO many more sermons than everybody else? And they were all bad right? I guess he is such an expert on top gun hermeneutics? Man, I just don't know what to say...

Anonymous said...

I haven't read all this yet, and I was distracted by my 6 year-old while listening, but I just like the "delusions of grandeur" comment. LOL!