Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just Added - Wesley Gold

Ray Comfort's compilation of golden nuggets from the preaching of John Wesley, has just been added to the resource directory!

Ray Comfort (Editor), John Wesley
Category: Heroes, Puritans, And Reformers
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How could one man turn a whole country upside-down? How could he be disciplined to daily read his Bible, have private prayer, meet others for public prayer, and yet not be saved? Why did he say, I went to America, to convert the Indians; but oh! Who shall convert me? What did he read that “strangely warmed his heart” and brought him to Christ? These questions and others are answered in Ray Comfort's compilation of golden nuggets from the life of the great field preacher John Wesley who said that "The World Is My Pulpit". Loaded with great inspiration for evangelism and appreciation for our Christian heritage.

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David Ford said...

I have a great love Wesley despite his Arminian leanings, because he got right the most important thing in the scripture which even many so called Calvinists will walk away from, and that is the doctrine of Holiness. Most of the Evangelical community major on forgiveness as the thrust of their Gospel, because it is "safe". Start talking about the requirements of Matthew 7 and a radically changed life and they start backing off being fearful of being labeled a legalist...
The irony of that Gospel (which leans heavily on assurance for forgiveness without faith for imparted righteousness) is best summed up by the following narrative of Wesley, who, when looking out over the church-scene of his day seeing a great many church-folk (and a great many more clergy, proportionately) who cavalierly reassured themselves that "of course" their sin was forgiven, even as they were held fast in its grip. Wesley's comment was, "Did you say, 'Of course'? Never say 'Of course'. Don't presume upon forgiveness. After all," he continued, "deliverance from the power of sin is confirmation of our having been forgiven the guilt of sin. Where there is no deliverance, don't be in any hurry to assume forgiveness."
Wesley insisted that imputed righteousness must and can become imparted righteousness. God grants his Spirit to those who repent and believe for Righteousness (not as a reward, but by mercy) that through the faith of Jesus Christ they might overcome sin and attain to the Righteousness of God. Wesley wanted deliverance from sin, not just from hell.
It is a great shame that a majority of even bible believing churches deny the perfect godliness and regeneration that is imparted to us daily through genuine remorse over sin and repentance combined with belief for the Righteousness of God. My hat comes off to John Wesley. The chosen frozen will do well to incline their ears to his warnings..