Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just Added - The Big Three

Henry Morris III's defense of the historicity of the early chapters in the book of Genesis has now been added to my resource directory!

Henry Morris III

Category: Creation/Evolution
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Creation, The Fall, and The Flood with the promise of Christ. They are cornerstones of the Christian faith, they are events that literally changed the world forever. Yet, the foundations of these biblical truths are rooted in Genesis, a book that too many in the Church now treat as an allegory or a metaphor, as anything but the precise and inerrant Word of God. The Big Three refutes all of the popular compromises and much of the baggage that goes with it. Dr. Henry Morris III reveals a consistent and powerful thread throughout the Word of God. After Eden, the Gospel message became the overreaching message of the Scripture; after Eden, the Creation became the foundation for the Gospel message; after Eden, the promise contained in Creation became the hope of the Gospel.


Anonymous said...

"They are cornerstones of the Christian faith,"

Really? Seriously really?

So really Christains should dump the whole "Christ" bizzo out of the title - and how about just stick to Creationists. Or Fallians. Or Floodians. After all, these things are the _cornerstones of the Christian faith_.

It's honestly sad to see Christains (especially yourself) try to promote basic Christiology only to then let yourself highjack your own message with the Creationists message.

Lets face it, Creationists don't don't really care about Christ. But they do care about the literal meaning of creationism...


Cameron Buettel said...

Graeme, it's a good thing that creation scientists don't shoot from the hip with bad theology like you do. They are cornerstones (and no one is saying that they are the only cornerstones) because they are supporting pillars for some of the critical truths of the Christian faith.

How about the authority of Scripture? If we can just do our own fanciful allegorization with Genesis 1-9 then why not redefine other parts of Scripture as well. History shows that compromise here is the first step on the slippery slope to liberalism and abandonment of the Christian faith as seen in countless seminaries around the world. This compromise has also led to the retarded religions of evolution and theistic evolutions which are neither science or Christianity.

How about the fall of Adam? If it is not a real space time event then there was death prior to the first man meaning that death was not a result of the fall that needed to be rectified by Christ, the second Adam. Have a read of Romans 5 and try and tell me that it doesn't matter.

Creationists care so much about the authority of Scripture and the purity of the Gospel that they defend the truthfulness of where these doctrines find their origin. Science fiction fantasy organizations that masquerade as Christian like Bio Logos care nothing for these things when they won't even stand for the exclusivity of Christ.

But Graeme since you know the "bizzo" that really matters here is your chance to explain the "real cornerstones of the Christian faith". Come on, enlighten us . . . and do some homework before you comment again.

Cya Cam

Anonymous said...

Come on Cam, I thought you know this one "real cornerstones of the Christian faith".

Its pretty much theology 101 and its the reason why Christains are called that rather than Nazarenes or Ebionites.

But there is only _one_ cornerstone of Christiology -
Luke 20:1, Matt 21:42 and 1 Peter 2:6. Not two, not ten, not four thousand five hundred and fifty eight (or whatever number people care to invent).

Here's a test. Can one be a Christain and not a Creationist because of faith in Christ - yes/no? If yes, then there is faith in Christ. If no, then that is putting something - anything (it doesn't matter what) in between salvation and man. Creationists will say time and time again that their particular world view is important for without it, there is no faith in Christ, no morals, they even go as far to proclaim there is no need to worship the Lord.

And it's pretty easy to be a Creationist and not a Christian. There are plenty of faiths currently that hold that viewpoint (Islam for one).

At anyrate, I'm disappointed that you keep feeling the need to feed the money machine of the Creationism industry. You will not that I don't (or very rarely) comment when you are on message.


Cameron Buettel said...

No one ever said it was THE cornerstone Graeme. Cornerstones concern foundations and the trustworthiness of Scripture coupled with the historicity of the fall are foundational truths which the Gospel is built upon.

No one is saying that your Christianity depends on holding to a creationist position. Neither the creationists nor myself. But a willful abandonment of the authority of Scripture is a road to hell and that usually begins with attacks on Genesis.

So two unfounded accusations and no answer to my original question - and you still aren't doing your homework before commenting! Graeme, I am asking you to articulate the Gospel because I don't think you know it and you care little for what the Scripture teaches. So prove me wrong . . .

Anonymous said...

I am not trying to prove you wrong here - but you are not answering the question instead you engage with "unfoundered accusations" and then you hacker back to me not answering your original question??

But I'm glad you are saying that you don't have to be a Creationist to be a Christian. And you need to be carefully about falsely ascribing your literalist tendencies onto others (ie/ "willful abandonment of the authority of Scripture" - and the subtle hint that if people don't agree with you they are on their way to Hell). Even your own Church doesn't focus on Creationism ( or maybe it does - it just doesn't publically admit it). And it points out the correct path to salvation (

Remember - I pointed out to you that Creationist seem to be more interested in the creation story in Genesis over and above all else. I've even had Creationists tell me that it's the _single reason_ underpinning Christianity. I'm personally shocked at such attitudes as Paul pointed out 1 Tim 1:4. The real focus on Genesis should be less on the what or the how or the when (the Creationist view) but rather on the WHO (the Christian view - see first point).

I'm also disappointed that you attack me with " don't think you know it and you care little for what the Scripture teaches", but hey, if that makes you sleep better at night go for it. It doesn't really affect me when people attack me like this (you of all people should know that I've laughed off these sorts of attacks for years...). I'm just disappointed that you think it will actually work with me :-)

Now bear in mind I personally don't care if I'm wrong and your right or vice-versa. I've known you for many years and it takes you many, many, many years to finally admit when you are incorrect and somebody else might actually be correct on something. We really don't have the time or wherewithal to worry about this. I'm only trying to make the point that "Lets face it, Creationists don't really care about Christ. But they do care about the literal meaning of creationism." If you don't think this is a _bad thing_ than that's your call. I disagree, which is why I spoke up.


PS: Do you know how hard it is to use this little “post a comment window”???

Cameron Buettel said...

Graeme, this has nothing to do with my opinions. The only one giving opinions here is you. I am constantly appealing to the plain teaching of Scripture. My home church states that it holds to the innerrancy of Scripture and that means that we understand Genesis how it is plainly written. So we are stanch Creationists because that is what the Scripture plainly teaches.

Also, I change my convictions very quickly when godly people have shown me where I have been wrongly handling the Scriptures. Your comments will continue to hold no sway over me while they remain in the realm of the religion of your own opinion. I have no interest in what you think or what I think - but I stand to attention at what God says.

What is disgusting and totally plankeye in all of this, and a major reason why I have responded to you is that you assert that Creationists don't care about Christ. What a retarded comment! Coming from a man who has nothing to say about the precious Savior and His finished work. Even when I ask you to talk about it you refuse. Why not repent of your own rebellion instead of projecting it onto people who get up your nose. I actually know several people who work for Answers In Genesis and they are Some of the most Christ centered people I know - but I don't even think you have a clue what that means.

I don't entirely blame you for that since we both attended a church that did not preach the Gospel. But if you are going to persist in this ignorance then don't weigh into this discussion with such rude remarks.

So are you going to have anything to say about how much you care about the Lord Jesus Christ and His life, death, and resurrection? Because as a creationist my major genuine concern for you is that you are born again. Three comments and still nothing - I hold out hope for number 4. I do care for you Graeme which is why I keep pointing this discussion away from creationism and towards your current standing with God. Where is it? It is the favorite subject of all born again believers and I am sad thus far that you have never said anything about it.

Cameron Buettel said...

Dear Graeme, please check out my latest blog post. I would very much like you to respond.