Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Just Added - Faith, Form, And Time

Kurt Wise's excellent defense of the Young Earth Creationist position has now been added to the resource directory.

Kurt Wise

Category: Creation/Evolution
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Darwinian theories of the universe, although mostly rejected by evangelical Christians, have still found their way into creation theology. A concept such as evolutionist creation has watered down much of the Bible's teaching in order to reconcile with popular tenants of science. The whole controversy swirls around the age of the universe. Dr. Kurt Wise, an associate professor of science and director of the Center for Origins Research and Education at Bryan College, shows from solid biblical teachings and scientific confirmation why young universe creation is correct. Beginning with God and His Word as the standard, Wise demonstrates how the biblical witness teaches that the age of the universe is not as old as Darwinian theory would contend. He also demonstrates how all issues raised by evolutionists can be answered not only by the Bible, but also by scientific data and research, nailing shut macroevolution's coffin.


Kristoffer Haldrup said...

Ahh yes, Kurt Wise. A curious specimen indeed. I haven´t read any of his material myself, could be fun, but after a while it is fairly evident that many of you YE creationist can trace more than handful of your arguments back to this fellow.

Good o'le Richard Dawkins has a small essay about him here: http://www.secularhumanism.org/library/fi/dawkins_21_4.html

Douglas said...

The earth is not young, it is older than any of us and nobody except God alone knows when the earths first day of creation was. That's why even Christians, the atheists, greenies, tree huggers and rock worshippers, so on and so for forth, cannot celebrate the earths birthday as we just don't know and it is a complete waste of time, energy and money trying to figure it out. Next question please.

I'm off to have a read of my Bible and reflect on some things and pray.

Cameron Buettel said...

Douglas, I think that 6000 years is very old. When I say YEC I mean a theological position that has been labelled "YEC". Scripture does give us a very good ball park figure of the age of creation. Unlike the billions of years of variation from so called "scientists".

Cameron Buettel said...

Kristoffer, I feel sorry for you. It must be difficult to bear the burden of being smarter than God.

Kristoffer Haldrup said...

I thank you for your concern, but really, it is not much of a burden to outsmart a non-existing entity;)

With respect to the age of our Earth, it can actually be determined with pretty good accuracy -- 4.54 billion years, give or take about 50 million years. This is an accuracy of about 1 %, which I dont find too shabby, given the time scales involved:)

-Let me know if any of you would like a solid reference for these numbers. There is a lot of good scientific literature on the subject.

As an aside, I find that your remark "I think that 6000 years is very old" is one of the core challenges in communicating evolution and the like -- we as humans have a pretty poor intuition of what kinds of things can actually take place over vast time spans, as this is so far removed from our realm of experience. However, diligent study of the available evidence can allow us to supercede the realm of everyday experience and leads to understanding of processes that take place both on immense time spans, as well as on the truly microscopic scales.