Friday, November 11, 2011

A Danish Lutheran Who Has Not Bowed To Baal

Yesterday I received this letter from a Lutheran priest in Denmark. He is a good friend who came to our last Reformation Resurrection conference to hear Voddie Baucham. The Lutheran movement in Denmark is unspeakably heretical and blasphemous and loaded with female priests, atheist priests, homosexual priests, and various combinations of all three. But Thomas is a shiny flash of lightning in that dark Lutheran night. It has been such a joy to meet this priest, a man who loves the Lord Jesus Christ passionately and preaches the Gospel faithfully. Like Luther he understands the Law-Gospel distinctive and preaches both rightly - the law to magnify the wrath due to sinners, and the Gospel as the means by which we can avert God's wrath and be reconciled to Him. He informs us that there is a remnant of faithful Gospel preachers in the Lutheran church "who have not bowed their knee to Baal". These priests are known as "black priests" by the dominant liberal factions. Here is what he wrote:

Hi Cameron. Thank you for your encouragement. Actually I have come to a point where I don't care that much if I am being kicked out of this filthy church. I will only stay here as long as God wants me to . . . meaning until the day I will be kicked out . . .

Yesterday we had at church-board meeting in ______, where I was being secerely critizised in general and in particular for my preaching. They complained that my preaching was too clear and scaring people away from the church (central to my preaching is always the total depravity of man and the substitutionary atonement made by Christ, justification, repentance and faith), too long (I ONLY preach half an hour at sundays but "15 minutes" is what they meant) . . . and so they went on and on and on . . . and the worst thing is that the congregation has actually become fewer in my time as a pastor in _______ (though not in the other congregation I pastor). I said to them that it was not out of stubbornness that I did not want to preach anything else, but because the message I deliver simply is my life - I'm bound to that message and I cannot and will not preach anything else. As I said to them: I do not want to stand on the day of judgment and have people looking at me saying: "Why didn't you tell us - why didn't you warn us while you had the opportunity" . . . Jesus is my LIFE! Cameron, I cannot do anything but preach of Him - he has saved me from an eterity under the wrath of almighty God . . . there is nothing good in me - I am wretched, evil, and sinful, but Jesus saved me! I have to preach that, so that other people may see the wonderful Savior I have come to know - Him who took our guilt and nailed it to a tree . . . I have to admit I got very sad and I really cried in the car on my way home. It is tough being in the Danish state-church and more and more often I wish to leave this disgusting and filthy church - but I have come to see, that Christ has his bride also in the midst of this church - there are VERY few left, but they are there! Denmark is an apostate society and contry, but like Elijah I have come to see, that God still has "7000 men" who have not bowed their knee to Baal . . .

Please pray for this priest and I will forward any letters of encouragement that people send to me.


David Smeringe said...

Heh.. Danish lutheran church sounds alot like it's Swedish counterpart 'Svenska kyrkan'..
Good to read about a priest who firmly holds on to a sound view of his salvation and saviour, and preaching it as well!
Such are to rare nowadays.
God bless him!

Lizzie - Melbourne said...

amen, thanks for sharing Cameron.

An encouragement indeed.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely amazing. What a powerful and encouraging testimony!! Thanks for sharing this Cameron!! We will keep him in our prayers!!

Anonymous said...

That's bloody rubbish! You guys are a disgrace to the humanity! AMEN

Danish church-goer!