Monday, November 28, 2011

The Anti-Biblical Teachings Of Biologos

Biologos is a relative newcomer to the "battle for the beginning". They are an organization devoted to the oxymoronic notion of "theistic evolution". Their professed goal is to harmonize science with Scripture but their track record is one of continually contorting Scripture to try and fit it into the prevailing evolutionary paradigm. This has become a very disturbing development in recent times, most notably because of Biologos' ability to gain acceptance with Christian leaders who cherish "academic respectability". Ken Ham from Answers In Genesis recently gave this lecture exposing Biologos for what they are:


Anonymous said...

Biologos is a very sinister organization indeed. Phil Johnson (at Pyromaniacs) and Al Mohler have written extensively and insightfully about them.

Thomas L. Jones said...

It is time for God's faithful remnant to draw closer to Him.