Monday, August 15, 2011

The Piper Warren Interview (Part 5)

Today, I have decided to add one last post to this series on the tragically bizarre interview between John Piper and Rick Warren. This is because a lot of new information that exposes Rick Warren, as even more fraudulent, came to light in this sensational online radio discussion between Chris Rosebrough of Pirate Christian Radio and Phil Johnson from Grace To You. This entire discussion is very long (all three parts add up to about five hours) because it is a piece by piece dissection of the interview between Piper and Warren. This is not the sort of thing we should listen to on a regular basis but these particular programs are very much worth listening to for educational purposes in the art of practicing discernment in the cryptic world of mainstream modern evangelicalism. Also, Warren's MASSIVE prominence as a "spokesman" for Christianity gets a much needed expose for what it is - a total sham! Many of us who find ourselves in churches who either embrace or consider the "Purpose Driven" propaganda need to be aware of Warren's modus operandi.

Chris Rosebrough is seen by many as a bit of a "shock jock" but his hermeneutics are generally very good. Furthermore, Phil Johnson is a true and godly heavyweight in the world of Christian discernment. Phil continually weighs in during the program with excellent insights that are constantly Gospel centered and exceedingly helpful in decoding Warrenisms. But what makes these programs a "must listen" is the many audio files that Rosebrough digs up from Warren's archives that completely expose him for the chameleon (or liar) that he is. I knew Rick Warren was bad news but I had no idea how bad until I heard these shocking revelations from his own mouth! I am deeply saddened by the fact that I consider Piper's approach to this interview is a major low point in a ministry that has profoundly impacted me for the positive. I am done with this, if you really want to get to the bottom of the misleading, self contradictory, delusional, dishonest, and damaging ministry of Rick Warren then listen to these programs because everything that needs to be said is spoken with acute clarity. As a personal footnote, I would add, pay particular attention to the frequency with which Rick Warren prefaces his comments with the words "to me" or "for me" - this, I would contend, is a strong indicative of his hermeneutical approach that is born out as the interview progresses.

Here are links to all three parts of the interview: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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Anonymous said...

Besides the fact that Rick Warren is a closet 5 point Calvinist :-) Chris and Phil do a good job to showing that he is not a Calvinist but a chameleon when in the presents of Piper.

I did not know this about Piper until recently, but he is (or is a form of) a continuationist and I wonder what role, if any, this plays.

Prophecy (and teaching) must be compared with scripture, according to his sermon review of 1 Cor. 14 in March 25th of 1990 This is important because he was helping Rick Warren in the interview when Rick was starting to come across as unorthodox in his wording of different issues.

To tie it all together, what Rick Warren puts forth when Piper is not around is new revelation and Piper is showing/helping Rick appear orthodox. Just a thought...In light of Driscoll's apparent change in the order of revelation.