Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ok Ok, I Took The Mark And Joined Facebook

After three years of constant peer pressure by my friends, colleagues, and ministry co-laborers, I have finally succumbed and taken the mark! Yes - I finally got a Facebook page. I have often found in recent years that there are many times when I want to rapidly disperse information to the widest possible audience and I have become very persuaded that Facebook is one of the best tools for doing that.

So, you won't find trivia, searching for old school buddies, and pictures of sticky date pudding that I just ate (sorry Heath, but you were an easy target). My Facebook page will be purely for notifying people of where I am preaching, important blog posts, conference announcements, urgent updates from the persecuted church, great deals on ministry resources etc. It will not be family oriented as the nature of many of my posts can cause provocation and offense - it is important that I protect my family from a lot of the necessary hostility that I engage in. The absense of family info is not meant to indicate negligence but rather protection even though my sinful flesh can lead me into the bad husband and father ditch. Lord please grant me wisdom and alertness with regard to this.

In the world of Facebook, I dare not indulge in the perilous time consuming world of social networking and trivial chit chat. I have a marriage to protect and I am friends with Paul Washer. Next time I bump into him I don't want to get a thrashing from him . . .


Anonymous said...

Don't do it Cam.

We just got off Facebook and don't regret it in the slightest. It is a true waste of time and thriving ground for narcissism.

You would be wise to delete your profile.

Heath The Blogless said...

Hey, it was the first sticky date pudding I had ever made and it tasted delicious.

Anonymous said...

I have wonderful fellowship with Christians from around the world on Facebook, so it's not all bad. ;-)