Saturday, July 9, 2011

Just Added - The Reformed Faith

This excellent brief overview of reformed theology has just been added to the resource directory.

Loraine Boettner

Category: Theology
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This is a succinct book which covers the basic tenets of the Reformed Christian Faith. The opening section affirms the sovereignty of God. The following sections cover the doctrine of total depravity and man's totally helpless condition as a sinner and his need for redemption in Christ Jesus. The subsequent sections address issues relating to soteriology (that is the doctrine of salvation) and it offers responses to passages of Scripture that supposedly give creedence to universal atonement and implications that man initiates his own salvation. The final section compares and contrasts the Reformed Faith with that of the Arminian creed.

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Anonymous said...

I am quickly learning that Boettner is one of the best guys to read if you want to know what "Reformed Theology" is!