Monday, July 18, 2011

Frikirkenet Is A Danish Disgrace - My Life In Denmark (Part 19)

Last year I discussed the pathetic and embarrassing Danish coalition of "evangelical churches" called Frikirkenet (the post can be viewed here). Yes, the people who labelled this outstanding witnessing video as "an embarrassment" (my apologies that the english subtitles seem to have been removed from the video), and the leadership experts who hired a new age philosopher to train their pastors, have now put on a stunning display of their gross biblical incompetence and immense stupidity. It would all be hysterically funny if it was not so tragic and hostile to true Christianity in Denmark. In the latest edition of their magazine "Domino" they decided to impart this amazing biblical insight to their readers - that they could not find anywhere in the Bible where sex before marriage is forbidden!!!! Frikirkenet was not endorsing fornication, they were just saying that it is a bad idea but we have no biblical support for this assertion. The Danish readers can view the article here.

When Paul says to the Corinthians that no fornicator will inherit the Kingdom of God (1 Corinthians 6:9-10) he is not exactly giving his approval for the practice! Not only is Frikirkenet's statement a frighteningly dangerous message to send to hormonal teenagers (many of whom are already heavily immersed in this lifestyle), it is also an absolutely absurd display of biblical illiteracy and incompetence. And if someone wants to argue about the Greek word "porneia" not necessarily meaning fornication then they should take a look at Jesus' warning in Matthew 5:28 where he goes so far as to liken lustful thoughts to adultery. Does anyone really think they can extend that theology and come to see fornication as something that is not sinful.

Possibly more tragic than all of this, is the fact that accommodating something that is sinful actually hinders the God's holy law from doing its convicting work, and driving the fearful sinner to the Savior. A sinless Savior Who substituted for fornicators when He died on the cross taking the punishment that they deserve and granting them the righteousness that they never earned. The beautiful Gospel gets lost in all of this!

Those of you in Frikirkenet need to either repent of your opposition to the Gospel and the authority of Scripture, or severely rebuke those who are responsible for their sewer of bad theology, or abandon this movement entirely. Those of you in Frikirkenet who do treasure the Lord Jesus Christ need to "man up" and voice your opposition. Please remove all financial support for such a pathetic and ungodly organization because Frikirkenet does nothing but harm the furtherance of the Gospel in Denmark. I am disgusted!

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Heath The Blogless said...

Hey Cam I had a read of the article you mentioned (Google translate) Over all the article was good up until the point where they started to muddy the issue saying that premarital sex is not forbidden in the new testament. I mean why even say this when it is clear as you say from other scriptures that God hates fornication and lust. I think later in their article when they put love as the ultimate law, they really show where there thinking is going. they seem to forget that you can't have true love without the truth of God's law and his righteousness. It also seems they don't have a grasp on the depravity of man.

Heath The Blogless said...

Perhaps you could leave a comment on there website, just with the verses that you mention here about lust etc. I would do it myself but I don't trust Google translate enough to put my point across correctly.

Anonymous said...

You think u have problems in Denmark! ABC's Q&A program devoted last Monday's episode to religion in Australia and it was the biggest waste of an hour ever. Atheists, agnostics, islamists and people who don't care either way are slowly eroding the Christian fabric and foundation of our Australian community - something seemed to be OK but to our own detriment in attempts by Christians to be culturally accepting. We are a stupid and ignorant people down here and will only have ourselves to blame when every man is free to what is right in their own eyes. What a pathetic bunch of wimpy, man pleasers we are becoming. Makes me angry. What is the church of Christ doing these days!!! What are we defending!!!
Paul, Adelaide.

Anonymous said...

good note Cam.

We're fighting with our very own bible illiterate evangelicals here in Melbourne.

Keep up the blogging.

Anonymous said...

here in the netherlands i spoke with a collegae who oversees 20 lawyers. Bright guy, had even some christian background (was elder in church for many years) and was proud on the gay-marriage. That was really an 'evolution' of mankind. I told him that you can only understand the issue of this being sin when you know the One who tells us this is sin. And why.
He was really upset when I told him this...I was judgemental and too harsh.
That is how people who doesn't know Christ think: everything should be legal, as long as it 'doesn't hurt somebody'. Same with sex before marriage. When you don't know Christ, that 'law' doesn't make sense...there consience written in their hearts is silenced quickly through the power of their evil inside.

Anonymous said...

The emergent movement is also trying to infiltrate the Nazarene Church. With a denomination so focused on holiness you would think that they would have put a stop to it at the very beginning. But no, the emergent leaders have targeted the universities. You can go to
and then click on the university link to find some articles.

Also I just received my magazine from Northwest Nazarene University (I went there years ago and then transferred to another school.) and learned they are going to have William P Young as a speaker.

It is time for the Church to repent!

Keep exposing the heretics!

Anonymous said...

Also the musicians have helped get the emergent philosophy into the Church in the West. Many of the members of Worship Together are emergent. This includes Chris Tomlin, how cannot he not be when he is the music leader and right hand man for Louie Giglio. This article will show Giglio's theology (or lack thereof)

Keep fighting for Truth

Anonymous said...

To Paul In Adelaide. Q&A was so sadly pathetic, I was hopeful that it might be quite interesting boy was I wrong. As soon as I heard the lady "christian" was pentecostal I knew we would be in for ecumenism 101. How about her claim about God using Harry Potter movies to reach people?? She musn't have read about the whole darkness and light not having a place together. Absolute waste of time. Kylie in Sydney

Anonymous said...

I think that much of the problem is stemming from the fact that people genuinely believe that the Bible is an old book that contains many good things and must be interpreted and applied to 'fit' our current culture as is appropriate. eg when the Bible says that homosexuality is abominable then it is talking about how it was abominable back in ancient Biblical times and it needs to be adjusted to fit in with modern life. Fornication was totally unacceptable back then because it broke the social rules that were normal .... it is normal now in our culture so the Bible needs to be interpreted with that in mind. Me, and Cameron, we're Dancing with the Dinosaurs - living our lives with conscience and conviction - with the Bible as truth and values that don't change over time or with culture. J.S.