Saturday, July 16, 2011

Just Added - The Reformed Doctrine Of Predestination

This classic work by renowned reformed theologian Loraine Boettner, has just been added to the resource directory.

Loraine Boettner

Category: Theology
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This book explains clearly that God is 100% sovereign and accomplishes what He purposed before the world was made. People will allow God to be sovereign in everything but the affairs of man, especially in salvation. This book refutes point by point the arguments against the absolute sovereignty of God. Any Christian should be required to read this book before entering into debate concerning God's dealings with sinful mankind. Boettner sets out explaining the doctrine and then in section III he takes on the obvious objections to the doctrine.


Dav0 said...

So where does this place you on the lapsarspecrum? R U Supra, or Infralapsarianist?


Cameron Buettel said...

Dav0, though I am not a keen student of the subject, nor a major stakeholder in the debate, I would lean strongly in the supralapsarian direction.

McMurdo said...

In looking into this, I have come across a very compelling article that puts an alternative viewpoint.

According to this, the early church for the first 4 centuries believed in freewill, including people like Clement and Ignatius, who knew the apostles. The doctrine of 'helplessness' was only taught by Gnostics, who were routinely refuted. It was only when Augustine changed his own mind on the subject and expelled his opponents from the church that it became taught in the mainstream church.

There may be more to this than meets the eye, but I find it an interesting read.