Monday, May 9, 2011

Rob Bell On The Death Of Osama Bin Laden

Cartoon courtesy of the witty guys at Sacred Sandwich.

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David Ford said...

I suppose its not even worth mentioning that most of the blogosphere has already successfully questioned the authenticity of this US claim through analysis of what is now accepted as fake video releases and photos of the said dead terrorist. As they say - Bin Laden is the busiest dialysis machine dependent corpse in show business since 2002 when his obituary first appeared in an Egyptian newspaper. How anyone could believe what the US and its president now says is beyond me. At least two leaders on the world stage that have stated publicly that he was dead years ago are also now dead - by bomb or heart attack soon after. I tend to think that large terrorist attacks in the US are now baked into the cake between now and Nov 2012 so both Obama is re-elected and the political will is purchased for the next war of conquest. Watch now in the coming weeks for ground troops in Libya to liberate the Libyians from their oil. And all this so we can go into fight for the collateral value of the debt associated with our mortgages which is fully dependent on the continued flow of cheap oil - which is now impossible to maintain in light of peak oil - unless we take from others to feather our own nests whilst others starve. It may be a faithful saying that Bin Laden is in Hell, but a more reliable saying (as with those in Sodom), it will be far better for him than those that have heard the gospel and pressed on with these wars of greed and conquest - all to prop up a fraudulent system of money and its value. God help those ignoramuses who also inadvertently support it by their own acquiescence ...for God is not mocked...a man reaps what he sows.