Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Will Be Preaching One Last Time In Brisbane Next Sunday

Hi friends, as it turns out Christian Witness Ministries Fellowship have invited me back to preach one more time for their Sunday evening service - as it will be my last Sunday down under before my family heads back to Denmark.

Here are the details:

Christian Witness Ministries Fellowship
When: Sunday May 13 at 6pm
Message: "Contending For The Faith (Jude 1-4)"
Address: 2759 Logan Road (Entrance via Millers Road), Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113

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It was a true honor to preach there last Sunday as their pastor, Philip Powell, has a ministry that helped me enormously back in my days when I was trying to practice discernment in a local church full of man centered nonsense. Pastor Philip is a man who stood up and opposed the early emergence of what we would today call the Hillsongization of nearly every major denomination in Australia. He paid a heavy price for the stand he took - a price that, unfortunately, too few in Australia are willing to pay. Over recent years Philip became an online acquaintance and published one of my articles in his magazine. Philip, one of the truly great joys of this trip down under has been the opportunity to meet and befriend you in person. May God richly bless your tour to the UK!

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Cameron Buettel said...

Thank you Philip for the honor of filling your pulpit.