Friday, May 20, 2011

Finding God's Sovereignty In The Arctic Tundra

As you read this I will be on a plane from Down Under back to the Arctic Tundra. Ok, so Denmark is not quite an Arctic region geographically, but it certainly qualifies as a polar ice cap of Christian endeavor. Even though Ray Comfort continually refers to New Zealand as down under, my down under reference is for Australia. I remember pointing this out to Kirk Cameron when I was speaking with him and Ray, and Kirk then asked "if Australia is down under then what is New Zealand?" Well, looking at both countries from a northern hemisphere perspective I would have to say that if Australia is "down under" then New Zealand must be "left over". Please don't take offense at that my Kiwi friends because I do mean it in the nicest possible way.

My body has now been defrosted and my fellowship appetite has been filled with great quality time with great quality friends. I have no idea when I will return to my homeland so it is difficult to say farewell to so many people who I love so much. In spite of my feelings it is of great comfort to know and trust in the Sovereignty of God in all things.


Anonymous said...

I had a good laugh at your description of Denmark! I hope you have a safe trip back to this Arctic Tundra! You'll be pleased to know that it has warmed up a bit. :-)

Anonymous said...

Denmark is a great country. For example it has uhh, let me think, well...there must be something....ah...Lego-land!!

You can't have it all, at least they have the Buetell family!

The summer is coming,

Blessings from Holland!

Michael Lawmaster said...

Amazing video!

@Anonymous...ok...I can't resist it. Who won the world cup? Viva Espana!!! :) j/k Holland is cool too.