Friday, August 20, 2010

A True Church Practices Church Discipline (Part 3)

Church discipline is a critical life and death function of the local church. It is worth continuing the discussion on this subject, especially in the light of this therapeutic age of scape goats and victim mentalities. Here is another interview with Pastor Jeff Noblit where he nails this issue . . .

Does delving into this subject over the last week affirm your place of worship, or does it raise your urgency to find somewhere else to be each sunday. If action is necessary, please don't put it off. As descendants of Adam, redeemed by God, but still dwelling in fallen flesh, we cannot afford not to find ourselves under the authority of godly church leadership that practices biblical church discipline.

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McMurdo said...

I appreciate you bringing up this subject. Hard to overstate how important this is. Church discipline is not pleasant, but its absence is surely one of the main reasons why the church is so despised by outsiders.

I read recently an entry in John Wesley's journal at a relatively early stage in his ministry:

'The next day we endeavoured to purge the society of all that did not walk according to the gospel. By this means we reduced the number of members to less than nineteen hundred. But number is an inconsiderable circumstance. May God increase them in faith and love!' June 1744