Monday, August 23, 2010

Exclusive Interview With Phil Johnson (Part 1) - Is NT Wright A Heretic?

During my visit to the USA earlier this year I had the great priveledge of interviewing Phil Johnson. For those of you who don't know, Phil is a thundering preacher with a sharp satirical wit who serves alongside John Macarthur at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California. This satirical wit gets ably demonstrated on his immensly popular blog - Pyromaniacs - which is a rich blend of satire and reformed theology. Phil is also one of the world's foremost authorities on the great 19th century preacher Charles Spurgeon and runs the online Spurgeon Archive which contains almost anything and everything regarding the "prince of preachers". Phil Johnson is an outstanding and well researched Christian apologist and I was thrilled at the opportunity to ask him some questions.

In this first part of the interview I ask Phil Johnson about NT Wright and "The New Perspective on Paul". If you read much of NT Wright's work you will realize that he has had an enormous influence on most of the main teachers within the emergent movement, particularly concerning the Atonement. A lot of what Wright says and teaches is alarming and yet ambiguous enough for him to survive as a respected "evangelical Christian". Phil Johnson has done his homework on this subject and has some sharp things to say (which serve as a sharp contrast to the second rate cameraman).

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Truth Unites... and Divides said...

Thanks for conducting this interview with Pastor Phil Johnson.

It's helpful to obtain another assessment on +Wright's New Perspective on Paul teachings.

Anonymous said...

"another gospel"? Come on...