Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just Added - Ashamed Of The Gospel

This excellent work on Gospel perversions vs Gospel purity by John Macarthur has just been added to my resource directory!

John Macarthur

Category: Theology
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With small congregations struggling to keep their doors open, and larger churches competing for their share of the unchurched market, many are looking to new techniques to draw bigger crowds. In Ashamed of the Gospel (third edition), John MacArthur offers a biblical analysis of the user-friendly philosophy of ministry and church growth that is sweeping through many congregations. The third edition features two new chapters responding to the modern phenomenons of the emergent church and the latest fads in "church growth" methodology. The appendixes on Finney and Spurgeon's Down-Grade controversy are worth the admission price alone. Read this book and exercise faithfulness to the once for all delivered faith.


Cameron Buettel said...

Get this book! And be sure to read the appendices.

Anonymous said...

i finished reading this book about a month ago and absolutely loved it. i'm not a huge reader, but i would strongly suggest picking this book up. the reminders of speaking/preaching a non-compromised gospel are spoken of time and time again reminding us as believers to walk in truth and walk in the light.

thanks for the recommendation cameron.