Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Who Will Stand Against Abortion In Australia?

I make no secret of the fact that I regard Gianna Jessen as one of my heroes. A scarred survivor of a botched late term abortion, Gianna is a refreshingly clear and prophetic voice condemning the evil, murderous practice of abortion. With Cerebral Palsy as the reminding legacy of Gianna's entry into this world, Gianna speaks clearly and articulately for those who have no voice. This is stirring video footage of Gianna's plea to Australian politicians who were about to vote on decriminalizing abortion. This is so worth watching for the inspiring message. But it also reminded me of the tragic cowardice of many Australian politicians who privately oppose abortion, but publicly remain silent in the name of pragmatism and self preservation. This is a shout out to all my Aussie brothers and sisters - where are the prophets?


The Johansen Family said...

Hi Cameron ~
Ed and I watched this last weekend and we were blown away with the power of her testimony. She is the most courageous woman that I have ever seen! I pray she changes hearts and minds and brings many to Christ.

Matthias said...

Being a nurse and a midwife I have witnessed termination of pregnancy many times ,because my Catholic colleagues exercised their conscience and left the OR before i was given a chance to voice my beliefe and there were more of them than me. But although i assisted the anaesthetist i still disliked being in the room
(Purely from the clinical perspective contraception is the lesser of the two evils.) BUT i am
a firm opponent of abortion on demand .
This young lady addressed the Victorian parliament in 2008 and despite this address ,most of the pollies decriminlaised abortion and two of them
Maxine Morand a labor party member and Colleen heartland a greens party member-bigoted and pagan- ensured that written into the law was a secton that meant that NO health profesisonal could exercise the right of conscience and refuse to refer onto another more willing practitioner a woman seeking an abortion. I thought that the RCC here was going to fight this breach of human rights- the other is the baby's dectruction-but i have not heard anything ,and i wonder if this is the tradeoff for the equality laws not being changed so that churches/mosques and synagogues can stop gays and lesbians from being appointed as clergy.
I pray for the removal of Colleen Heartland, but people may send their votes to the greens in Labor's staunch electorates,so my vote will be to the DLP,or the CDP or Family First this time around.
The prophets- people want a comfortable gospel not one that points them to the Old Rugged Cross and the Lamb of God who died upon it and who tells us to Follow Him all the way
Prophets - the ones we have seem to be gifted with hindsight -g'day to Danny Nalliah- and do not speak out in a timely manner
Prophets- no talk of judgement beginning in the House of the Lord ,just relationships,prosperity and works based faith. my pastor said at a meeti g recently we needed to get back our first love and pray .One word missing. REPENT
Prophets- the ones we have seem to be in the RCC 's Charismatic wing,or the Anglican church- look at Archbishop Jensen in Sydney.
Prophets- I trying to raise the plight of the Coptics in Egypt with Senator Fielding a member of City Life church here in Melbourne. His response- SILENCE
"SHout out" ? wHAT Yankified Rubbishy term is that ?come on Cameron use the proper Aussie term "coooee"
Remember the Cooee March of World war oNE IN 1915? Some of the men who became the ANZACS ,marched to
Sydney cooeing their way to get recruits. Do we need to follow those heroes,with a Cooee march for Life?