Monday, March 22, 2010

Cameron's Youtube Gospel Presentation (Part 1)

I was recently contacted by some friends in Denmark who dwell at the conservative end of the Lutheran movement. They were keen to produce something that was a brief yet thorough, accessible yet biblical, and understandable yet theological. I wrote a script for five short two to three minute videos which correlated with my Anatomy of the Gospel series in which I laid out the five essential elements of a Gospel presentation - The Holiness of God, the sinfulness of man, the necessity of judgment, the work of Christ, and the human response this demands.

This also serves as a response to my critics who have often called for me to provide an alternative that accompanies my criticism of certain media related attempts at proclaiming the Christian Gospel. I think my friends Jonas and Filip did an excellent job with all the technical aspects of this project with the limited resources we had. We are not attempting to compete with the production values of ministries with far greater funding. But I hope you will agree that the content of this series is an engaging and biblically sound presentation of the beautiful Gospel purchased by Jesus Christ's precious blood.

This is a Danish project and as such it contains Danish subtitles. Some of my American friends think I need english subtitles as well - at least any word containing an "r". Anyway, here is part one. I'd love to hear your feedback . . .

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gandalf said...

good presentation and nice examples.

One thing that I found interesting was the bible quotation and your explanation.

Based on these verses a dogmatic statement was made during the first Vatican council but was rejected by major protestant theologians (like Barth) who thought it impossible that the works and purposes of God can be perceived by other means than the word of the bible alone.

However Romans 1 tells what it tells, and I find it good because people who are so pumped up with historical-critical theology and other distortions of scripture will almost instantly doubt scripture now, but maybe can still not deny the reality of creation and the traces of the creator in it (just as a starting point of course).

Heath The Blogless said...

Very good Cam, look forward to the rest of them.
It's just too bad about the presenter though, I hope you didn't pay him too much ;)

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful Cameron! Everyone needs to hear your message I think you should be a preacher! :) Churches need people like you in America. :)

It would be nice to see English text for the bible verses. :)