Monday, March 29, 2010

Cameron's Youtube Gospel Presentation (Part 4)

As the world asks the question "how can a loving God send people to hell" I am reminded of a Catholic monk in Germany more than 500 years ago who was plagued by a different question. Everyone else in the monastery thought this monk was crazy because he was consumed with the paradox of how can a good God pardon anyone in the light of man's continual sin against Him. That monk was Martin Luther, he was the only sane voice in that cloister, and he was asking the right question.

The cross of Jesus Christ means so much more than Jesus coming to be our example or to identify with our suffering. God's demands of justice must be met. You cannot solve the dilemna of God's wrath by ignoring it, denying it, or pretending it's not there. But when it is addressed honestly, we get to see God's glorious solution, a penal substitute, the God-Man Jesus Christ. That God may be both just and the justifier . . .

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Cameron Buettel said...

Spurgeon preached thousands of sermons on thousands of subjects but had one simple rule. Take your text and make a bee-line for the cross!