Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Be A Real Man - Biblically!

I really let fly on Monday with a rant about the crisis of manhood among professing Christians - particularly in Europe. It would be wise to season my tirade in the knowledge of my own shortcomings in the masculinity stakes. When I hear the stories about martyrs who march to their death for the sake of their testimony, I cry to God and ask Him to help with my trembling fear. When I hear about those who preach in places like North Korea, Iran, and Sudan, I have to confess to my own cowardice at the thought of doing something so bold. As I look around the world at my persecuted brothers and sisters I am overwhelmed with my own unworthiness to identify with these true disciples.

I am far from the benchmark of masculinity. But I can do nothing but be exasperated at the profound levels of cowardice among men who profess Christ in the land of Denmark. So much so that some even marvel at my "great boldness" in debating false teachers in cyberspace. I am constantly haunted by the thought of John Wycliffe in that rat infested prison cell, translating the Scriptures so that modern men could have their very own Bible collecting dust on the shelf. Oh how the hour cries out for men full of conviction and Holy Spirit fire. Men held captive by the glorious Gospel that Christ delivered with His own precious blood. Men who know what it means to be a real man - biblically!

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