Monday, April 20, 2009

Science - Still Trying to Catch Up With the Bible

The madness and sheer refusal of our "academic giants" to even consider that the Bible might be true continues unabated in the world of "evolutionary science". Evolutionary science is an oxymoron that is well and truly in the league of "jail priveledges", "post modern", and "Microsoft Works".

In a recent article by Meredith F. Small (an anthropologist at Cornell University) she informs us that "No one knows why 2-year-olds have temper tantrums". Oh really Meredith? Why don't you swing some of that grant money my way so I can get the shortest ever research article published in one of those journals. It goes like this:

Children have tantrums because they are SINNERS FROM BIRTH and SINNERS BY NATURE! Can I get my research grant now?

Is this really that hard? Once again "science" shows itself to be a lame attempt at catching up with the infallible, innerrant, Word of God. Newsflash Meredith - God is smarter than you and if you were one bazillionth as smart as Him you would listen to what He has to say about everything!

At least Paul Washer knows the answer . . .

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Cameron Buettel said...

Could someone please give me a grant so I can publish the Bible's findings!