Thursday, April 16, 2009

Meet Ignatius - The Ultimate Youth Pastor

It is hard to tell where the parody begins and the social commentary ends. As funny as this is, what scares me is how close it runs to the reality of my many years of being involved in youth meetings. As the youth pastor becomes more and more "jiggy with it" the Bible gets pushed further out into the periphery. Relevance becomes a code word for a low view of Scripture and serves to further build up the biblical illiteracy that is already flourishing among our church going youth.

I commented in an earlier post (John Macarthur and Mr Madonna) about when John Macarthur witnessed to Madonna's husband Guy Ritchie. Ritchie listened to Macarthur witness to him for 90 minutes. What opened the door of opportunity? It was Macarthur's provocative claim on Larry King about the exclusivity of Jesus Christ. It is our difference, our being set apart, that actually makes us relevant among a wicked and perverse generation!

The brains behind Ignatius is a comedian called Tim Hawkins. He is a guy who really has a finger on the pulse of what is going on in megachurch suburbia. And if you check out some of Travis' other stuff it seems to show a guy who, beneath the satire, seems to have a firm grasp of the things that really do matter.


Heath said...

This was so funny yet sad at the same time. This type of thing seems to go on all to often. Take a look at this clip I just found, sadly this is not a parody.

Apeleutheros said...

Sad to say he sorta reminded me of our last youth intern. After his internship was over my pastor asked me to take over, which I was hesitant to do but the Lord really impressed upon me that they need someone who will stand firm in God's Word and will feed them from the scriptures instead of giving them a regurgitated happy meal every week.

Praise the Lord, I got a good group of kids and they want the truth.

Tonight I taught on Jude 1:23 and then had the kids listen to "Hell's Best Kept Secret" by Ray Comfort which is a great message for the youth!

PhilPerth said...

Sadly he would more than likely be welcome at the "DreamBuilders" (church..) near us.
What's that verse about a day coming when men will not endure sound doctrine? Must be today.