Thursday, April 2, 2009

Don't Waste Your Financial Crisis


As most of you know I recently lost my job due to the financial crisis. My boss was really sad to let me go and asked if there was anything he could do for me. I was inspired by James McDonald's great preaching while he has cancer, and John Piper's book "Don't Waste Your Life" and my WWRCD bracelet (what would Ray Comfort do). I asked for 5 minutes in the lunch room to speak to all the workers on my last day. The subject - the bigger crisis that's coming - the law of sin and death. It was scary for several reasons - it was not in public space, these were people who spoke with me often, and I had to do it in Danish. There was about 30-40 people in the lunch room of which 2 stormed out of the room in disgust. The rest sat and listened. What follows is the video my wife took of what happened - I have inserted subtitles to help you along.

One funny thing that I found out after I finished. 2 words that look almost identical but are very different.
Faldskaerm = Parachute
Fladskaerm = Flat screen television

Guess what I told everyone to cling to when they jump out of that plane.

That's right - I told them to trust Jesus like they would a flat screen television!! It seems they got the point anyway and made allowances for my struggle with the Danish language.

I hope this is an encouragement not to waste the preaching opportunities that arise out of unfortunate circumstances.


Manduh7486 said...

How cool that your boss let you do that, praise God! :o)

Real Estate in Toronto said...

Nice thing from the boss to let you do that. Very nice speech, did you prepare it before hand or just went out there and talked about whatever came to your mind?

Take care and good luck, Elli

Anonymous said...

Obviously if your Flat Screen was big enough, then it would suffice if you leaping from said plane :-)


Glen Richards said...

Hi Cameron,

Thanks for posting this. I'm feeling very convicted about doing this at my work place.

Glen Richards said...

... I especially the analogy of who the crime was against: daughter, wife, boss, government.