Saturday, September 4, 2010

Just Added - Safe In The Arms Of God

This book for grieving parents of who have miscarried or lost a child has just been added to my resource directory!

John Macarthur

Category: Parenting
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Every parent who has lost a child has dealt with disturbing, haunting questions. Why my child? Where is my baby now? Will I ever see my child again? Renowned Bible expositor John MacArthur tackles the question of infant death (in the womb or following birth) in his trademark style--with detailed attention to Scriptures that hold the answers. No death occurs apart from the purposes of God, MacArthur assures readers, just as no life occurs apart from the purposes of God. With a pastor's heart, he leads readers to an understanding of the eternal destination of these precious little ones. His conclusion: Babies - and anyone else who has not reached the condition of accountability - go to heaven when they die, and there will, indeed, be a time of blessed reunion with these souls. This is a beautiful and comforting apologetic on the eternal destiny of souls with an all too brief sojourn on this planet.

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Sarah Munn said...

I gave this book to my best friend a year and a half ago when her son died. This book is a rare find. I searched for books for this grieving mom and this was the wonderful one I found!