Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Coming Soon - God's Wrath

I am currently having the great pleasure of reading AW Pink's classic work The Attributes Of God. As I was reading through Pink's chapter on God's wrath I was reminded of both the importance of this doctrine as well as it's lack of popularity in modern Evangelicalism. If you never read older authors then there are a lot of gems you're going to miss out on. Pink, obviously, also held to that notion as can be seen by his quote from the 17th century writer William Gurnall. Just read this quote and meditate on it for a good while. It'll be a great investment in some biblical perspective:

When I consider how the goodness of God is abused by the greatest part of mankind, I cannot but be of his mind that said, The greatest miracle in the world is God’s patience and bounty to an ungrateful world. If a prince hath an enemy got into one of his towns, he doth not send them in provision, but lays close siege to the place, and doth what he can to starve them. But the great God, that could wink all His enemies into destruction, bears with them, and is at daily cost to maintain them. Well may He command us to bless them that curse us, who Himself does good to the evil and unthankful. But think not, sinners, that you shall escape thus; God’s mill goes slow, but grinds small; the more admirable His patience and bounty now is, the more dreadful and unsupportable will that fury be which ariseth out of His abused goodness. Nothing smoother than the sea, yet when stirred into a tempest, nothing rageth more. Nothing so sweet as the patience and goodness of God, and nothing so terrible as His wrath when it takes fire. (William Gurnall, 1660).

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