Sunday, June 21, 2009

Consider the Cost

This is a wonderful song so awesomely biblical! Steve Camp wrote this around 1990 and was no doubt heavily influenced by John Macarthur's book "The Gospel According to Jesus".

Consider the Cost by Steve Camp

To obey is better than sacrifice
and to hearken than the fat of rams
for what will a man give for his own life
houses or money or land
there's a way that seems right to you
but in the end it leads only to death
but come unto Him all ye weary
come and find your rest

Consider the cost of building a tower
it's a narrow way that you must come
for to do the will of the Father
is to follow the Son
to love Him more than father or mother
to love Him more than your own flesh
to give all that you are, for all that He is
this is the gospel according to Jesus

Many will say, "Lord, Lord" on that day
look what we've done in Your name
"We've prophesied and performed
many miracles
and Lord, even demons obeyed"

Then the Lord will declare unto them
the most terriifying words of truth
"depart from me ye workers of iniquity
for I have never known you!"

Oh foolish man, how you built on the sand
trusting in your goodness to save!
for when the rain falls, and the flood
breaks the walls
you will be swept away!

But blessed is he who builds on the Rock
who takes Jesus as Lord to save!
for when the rain falls, he will endure it all
standing firm in His grace!

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Cameron Buettel said...

Taken from 1 Samuel 15 where Samuel confronts Saul.