Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Anti-Sissy - Dr. Peter Hammond

With the advent of the new Star Trek movie I thought I should do some of my own contextualizing and put my heightened awareness of pop culture on display. I decided it was time to boldly go where no Cameron has gone before and venture at warp speed into the pages of my dictionary. Because I tend to talk a lot about modern evangelicalism and "seeker friendly" preachers on this blog, the word "sissy" gets used a lot. As I hunted down the word "sissy" in my dictionary I was met with this picture and the caption "the opposite of this guy".

Third world missionary, Dr. Peter Hammond is the Anti-Sissy, the complete antithesis of anything sissified in this world. People sometimes brand me as "bold" or "radical" just because I witness to strangers. That is tragic because witnessing should be classed as normal behavior for any Christian. It's people like Peter Hammond (from Frontline Fellowship in South Africa) who put all this in proper perspective for us westerners. Imprisoned and tortured on numerous occasions (in places that make Guantanamo Bay look like a holiday camp), shot at countless times, preaching in places that put his life at risk, and with theologically sharp and uncompromising boldness in the face of terrifying persecution. Peter Hammond is a real man and maybe one day God will grant me the grace to be one tenth as courageous as he is.

Peter is a rare creature indeed. Combat hardened and academically minded he is a true weapon for bringing glory to God's great Name. Whether giving university lectures on the reformation or recounting prison camp horror stories, this guy holds my attention with every word he speaks. He is a foremost expert in church history with extensive knowledge on the reformation, crusades, and political ideologies. Mention any name, place, or event from these topics and Peter will be ready with rapid fire responses and insights that are usually jaw dropping. Todd Friel has had Peter Hammond on Wretched Radio (formerly Way of the Master Radio) several times and on each occasion I have been disappointed that I only got to listen to Dr. Hammond for two hours.

For those of us in hot pursuit of our "best life now" it is both sobering and enlightening to peer through this window into the exhilerating, frightening, and Christ centred satisfaction of life as a Christian missionary. Here is a 25 minute journey into the world of Dr. Peter Hammond. Drink deeply!

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Cameron Buettel said...

The guy makes me feel like a sissy.