Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rob Bell and John Macarthur - Their Verdicts on the TNIV Translation

From those who brought us the "Nearly Infallible Version" (NIV) we now have the TNIV. Kind of like a gender neutral toning down of the NIV. Well, here are two verdicts on the same translation. You be the judge (with thanks to First up the insights of John Macarthur:

And now for the Yoda like profoundness of Rob Bell:

Who are you going to listen to?


Heath The Blogless said...

My question to Mr Bell (even though he will never read this.) Is what is "it" and what is "it" on?

Sarah said...

I'm sorry but all I can do is laugh when Rob Bell is talking! He's just so obviously Nuts! He's giddy over the twisting of Scripture! Don't Rob Bell's follower's wonder how all of the sudden a new and completely different translation of God's Word has suddenly appeared!

Jesse said...

It's interesting that D.A. Carson has endorsed the TNIV. He certainly doesn't approve of the emergent theology, and I don't consider his teaching to be Biblically unsound. I like Macarthur, but this isn't the first time I've heard him protest something without giving specific examples of what he finds objectionable.

Aymee said...

This man is deceiving thousands 3 times a day on Sunday and thousands more the other six days. Those he's deceiving are perpetuating the lie to thousands more. Pray that God will raise up more godly, righteous men to go to war for the truth.

BJ said...

DA Carson endorses the TNIV because it is NOT "a new and completely different translation of God's Word [which] has suddenly appeared". It is the NIV with updated translations in areas where study of the bible has enabled translators to get it closer to the original writings. People its the Bible. Now MacArthur doesn't like the examples of gender neutral language which is his right, but you have to realise translating from the Greek is actually very challenging because they don't have pronouns like we do in English.

It is going to be discontinued in the nextfew years when the NIV is revised. But read carefully (actually look at a copy) and understand the translation issues when it does come out. No one who has anything to do with the NIV is remotely liberal.

And what exactly is "the lie" that Rob Bell is perpetuating. The dude may not be like you but people are responding to the gospel in his church. Lets not get into the Apollos v Paul scenario!

Ron Dawson said...

I'm with BJ on this one. First of all, how many different versions of the Bible are there? How many different denominations are there? Dozens and dozens. Which ones pass approval with Mr. MacArthur?

As BJ commented, it's very difficult to translate the original languages of the Bible into language that people today can understand. There was once a time when the Bible was used to keep African Americans subjugated to slavery. Why? Because the Bible talks about slaves obeying their masters. Surely then if the Bible promotes slavery, well then the Confederacy should have been allowed to go on since they were just following the Bible? Right?

As far as the issue of letting homosexuals into the church. Is Mr. MacArthur saying homosexuals should NOT be let into the church. Hmmm? That's an interesting way to go about communicating the Gospel. Keep OUT of church the people who need it the most. Way to go there. Whomever he was referring to as the emergent pastor who equated homosexuality with eating chocolate, come on. It's obvious (to me anyway) even in hearing the comment second hand, that that pastor was being facetious to make a point. YES, homosexuals are let into the church because THEY NEED THE GOSPEL as much as others. Everyone should be let into the church. That's NOT the same as condoning their behavior. You can't address the issues of homosexuality (or any other sinful lifestyle for that matter) w/o first establishing a love-filled relationship. Ideally, one in the context of a Bible-believing church. Yes, even if that Bible is the TNIV.

That emergent pastor was most likely frustrated that anyone would even ask the question. Frankly, it sounds a lot like the pharisees questioning Jesus about fraternizing with tax collectors and sinners. I'm sure they were as shocked then as Mr. MacArthur is today. I'm sure they stood up in front of their synagogues and talked about this Jesus who lets, gasp, tax collectors, and prostitutes, touch him. And he calls himself a Rabbi!

And for the record, I am NOT equating that emergent pastor with Jesus. I'm just making what to me seems like an obvious point. We're called to love the world, to address the issues of sin, and to bring the message of the gospel to ALL people. Not just those we feel good about.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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