Thursday, May 21, 2009

Is It Too Late For Europe - The Shocking Truth Of The Islamic Invasion

For those of you outside of Europe, and those of us on the inside, wondering where the road of secular humanism is taking us - drink in these shocking statistics . . .

Joseph Farah, who writes for World Net Daily, is a Christian from Syria who fled the country and now resides in the USA. He contends that Europe is now at the crossroads with two possible outcomes. Either:

1. Christians in Europe rise up and man up by fervently and fearlessly preaching the Gospel bringing about another reformation and hence embrace a biblical approach to marriage and family; or
2. There is no reformation and Europe will become Eurabia. As the video showed, this is a potential reality in the forseeable future. Holland, to name just one country, is just 15 years away from Sharia law (based on current trends).

Some of my American friends often ask me, as someone who lives in Denmark, whether western Europe is a viable mission field or "has the train already left the station". The jury is still out on that question, but my mind is made up whatever the outcome. God is going to accomplish His Sovereign purposes regardless so I will preach and be an instrument of revival - or judgment! I won't go down quietly and I will go down swinging! Pray for us, be vigilant, and preach the word the only two times you ever should - in season and out of season!


Anonymous said...

So God has abandoned America and Europe is destined to become muslim. Anybody would think that Christianity is losing out here :-)


Matt said...

1Peter has been encouraging to me lately, when persecution comes ( I say when, not if, whether you live in America or Europe or the Middle East, it's just a matter of time, I'd say we have a couple of years here in the states before street preachers routinely go to prison).
Peter says we can look forward to the glory of our Lord's coming,and keep on rejoicing! (4:13)
-- that's tough to swallow, but the reason is in the next verse. Persecution brings blessing (3:14, 4:14) and favor with God (2:19,2:20), and bearing up and shining the light of Christ is one of the purposes for which we were called (2:21), following Christ's example. Not saying I'm looking for persecution, but there's encouragement from the Word when it comes!