Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kirk Cameron Interviews John Macarthur - On TBN!!!

Kirk Cameron interviewed John Macarthur on TBN! The surprises just keep coming. This is just great stuff. Unlike the many high profile chameleon preachers out there who change color depending on the audience, Dr. Macarthur refuses to try and adapt his message. He has the same timeless Gospel truths to share whether he's talking to Madonna's husband, Larry King, or in this case the TBN audience. Macarthur just keeps hammering away with unchanging razor sharp insights and profound wisdom on the difference between true and false gospels. This two part interview is well worth the watch.

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Apeleutheros said...

That was just great!!! It's hard to believe TBN allowed that on the air... isn't the ownership steeped into "Word/Faith" doctrine???