Thursday, January 29, 2009

Testimony - Overcoming Depression and Attempted Suicide

This is a testimony from Heath who is one of my very dear Australian friends. Though Heath has been through real hardship he is a living testimony to the transforming work God does when He saves somebody. I knew Heath before he was a Christian and he is definitely a different person. It was Heath who asked me to post his testimony which is amazing in itself because he is very shy by nature - testifying again to the transformational work happening in Heath's life.

Here is the audio of Heath's testimony. (If you struggle with the accent it is only because Australians are the ones who speak normal and everyone else is weird).

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Mike King said...

I agree, Australian must be the true English language. haha

May God grant you grace and peace.

Mike King
The Socialist State of Washington
in the United States of Obamica