Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ronnie - Coming Soon to a Seeker Sensitive Mega Church Near You

Have you met Ronnie? Maybe he's the guy who sits next to you in church. Maybe he's the guy who hangs out at youth group or maybe Ronnie is you . . . at least to a certain extent . . .

Ronnie is a cutting satire that has a scary amount of reality to it. Ronnie is the by product of the co-mingling of a consumer driven society with a biblically illiterate church culture.

I thank God for all the pastors out there who persevere in faithfull exposition of God's Word oblivious to the latest "40 Days of Your Best Prayer of Jabez Now" fad that's sweeping the mega-church down the road. True success is faithfulness to the mandate God gave His Church - preaching the Word on two occasions - in season and out of season!

Think about poor old Noah for a moment. 100 years of preaching righteousness without a "church growth manual" - no wonder noone else got on his ark. If your pastor has not bowed his knee to the Baals of self esteem, success, and sensuality. If he faithfully expounds the Scriptures preaching Christ crucified. Cling to him, thank him, listen to him, and resource him to continue in his labor.

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Steve said...

Wow, that's hilarious. I've definitely noticed that attitude more and more within the church. Maybe not nearly as overt, but there just the same.

Although I would say that you don't have to go to a mega-church to find this. The church where I grew up averaged around 250 - 350 people and we saw many individuals and families with this mentality come and go over the years.

There's also a medium-sized church in my area that advertises on the radio and the entire ad is geared toward this mindset, encouraging people to come, show up, consume their product, and go home. The last line in the ad is "(Church name), it costs you nothing."

Nothing? Seriously? And we wonder why the Ronnie's of the world are so prevalent.